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This web site caters to those readers who wish to see some examples of the success stories experienced by knowing how and what to shop for when visiting the Goodwill and other thrift stores. Here are a few examples of items purchased within our own metropolitan area. What are your experiences?

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  This site is intended as a blog where you can share what you have found at your local Goodwill thrift store that you believe others may be interested in. I look forward to seeing what some of you have found recently in your local Goodwill store. Following are pages you may find of interest with a link to each. They are also available at the top of each page in the menu. The is one page where I will be selling what I don’t need or I have another piece of clothing that fits better, and that is quite a few. I’ve been told I have a bad case of Goodwillitis. Check out the Manufacturer’s Labels for the most popular names in the business.

     Posts – Here are the latest purchases and comments as to how to best shop the Goodwill stores, what to look for and how to make the best use of your money with some spectacular finds in every store! There are treasures lurking just around every corner if you know how to find them. You may also find a recent listing of these to the upper right corner within this page if viewing on a computer or toward the bottom if viewed from your cell phone.

     Humor – Wherever you find a serious issue such as this that deals with money you’ll also find the humorous side if you look through the crevices. As a Goodwill hunter, you surely have some fun and wacky things to say as well. Let’s hear about them but read this poem first to start the juices flowing.

     Fashion – The idea of fashion was the real motivation behind this website. My daughter is in college working on a fashion degree and mentioned a while back, “Dad, you need to dress better”. I work in the college IT department helping our students, faculty, staff and parents so there is no reason why I shouldn’t dress in a coat and tie instead of a polo shirt and jeans. For many students, we are the front line of contact and the first impression made on a lot of our foreign students. So, for the past two months, I have been hitting the local Goodwill stores searching for better clothing, educating myself with the excellent material found on Youtube and purchasing fine clothes I normally wouldn’t dream of spending the money to buy new. When I can find a pair of Armani pants and a Christian Dior shirt in my size for less than a ten dollar bill total, why not? I win both ways! Now, my daughter just smiles at me.

     Fakes – What’s fashion without fashion knockoffs? Here are some you may have seen and didn’t realize they were not the real thing. Have some fun with some of these.

     Manufacturer’s Labels – Ever wonder what some of the different labels were and how they were prioritized based on the demand or popularity? So did I so I went to work trying to find some order as to whether Ralph Lauren Green label was better to own than Black Label or was it Purple? Here is a page that will help but is by no means an authority on any part, just what I found cruising the Internet.

     Pronounce It – Growing up in the South, I have not been introduced to many other languages other than the local German and Spanish that is spoken with a “Southern” accent so it has been an effort to find out how to pronounce some of the Italian and French names that abound with the designers I have been seeking. I still have a problem properly pronouncing Mr. Zegna’s first name, Ermenegildo, so I listen to it periodically from the new Pronounce It page added to this site that takes you to one of a few websites that offer the proper way to say these “fancy” names. See how well you do and then have some fun with others to see how well they do and you will realize you didn’t do so bad, relatively speaking that is.

     News – While looking for material to add to this site, I kept finding interesting news articles I thought would be fun to share with those who ventured into my site. Who would have thought you could find some of the items and cash the news crews found? Take a look at this page for material that will persuade you to get in your car and point it toward your nearest Goodwill.

     Tips – What good is a shopping website without providing some excellent tips on how to prepare and find the best items with the least amount of effort. Here are a few to share with you after I’ve been through the store first and found the best, of course.

     Gems – It would seem that I am not the only person with the idea behind the creation of this website. Others have created sites to share  their Goodwill finds and encourage you to do the same. I keep a spreadsheet of my costs and have found that I currently have a total of almost 400 items; shirts, pants, coats, suits, shoes, etc for less than the cost of one of my suits if I were to pay retail. I’m living high on the hog with my main concern now of where can I find more closet space. I’m sure there will be a solution at Goodwill for this as well.

     Results: Cost vs Retail – I’ve been cataloging my purchases for the past few months to see how much I pay versus how much the item sells for new. This shows me not only the amount I have saved but also what I have been able to purchase that would have normally been out of my reach financially. For the price of one Armani suit, I have been able to buy four closets full of top quality clothing. If you want to convince yourself that your bad case of Goodwillitis is justified, you will enjoy this page. I show how much was spent at the Goodwill stores, compare it to the price they and then show what it would take out of my wallet if the same clothes were purchased at their full retail price for the ultimate comparison. My disease is still justified and getting worse (better).

     Selling – Now that I have more than I need or deserve, it’s time to share my good fortune with you. I plan to sell off what doesn’t fit first on eBay to make room in my closet for the best of what I have. I find the best for a great price and sell accordingly. Check it out.

Sometimes, you have to search where others have overlooked. It’s like the people at Goodwill say, “You may not find what you are looking for but we know you will find something”.

     Select the topics that interest you from the menu above. Good luck and let us know what you find on your treasure hunts!



People milling around in the local Goodwill