Hart, Schaffner & Marx suit for 40 cents

It’s quite amazing what you can find that others may have passed over. You might find a number of these items worth pulling off the rack and tossing, well gently hanging, in the buggy. I found four pink tag special suits in one store with the Thursday Dollar Day this past week. I must tell you that there was a bonus for one of these suits when I found two quarters and a dime in the breast pocket of a flawless Hart, Schaffner & Marx suit. By my calculations, the suit I paid a dollar for paid me back sixty cents for a balance of forty cents. I found this particular suit on the Nordstrom website with a retail value of $695 being sold for $465.65 as one of their specials. I believe I got a better special at 40 cents than what Nordstrom was offering.

Another Goodwill had the same Thursday Dollar Day special that day and my buggy pulled up to the register with several items in it sporting the appropriate pink colored tags. These articles of clothing were a cream colored 100% cashmere dress coat by E & J Peak, three charcoal colored and pen stripped John Weitz dress coats, a Christian Dior Le Connaisseur trench coat (nice), a pair of black DKNY dress pants (originally marked at $17.99, my size of course) and another pair of black dress pants by Louis Raphael (originally marked at $14.99). A total of seven dollars sent me out the door with a big smile on my face. I love Thursdays.