Brioni shirt purchased at full price

Brioni Mini-Stripe Dress Shirt, Light Blue/Yellow
Like new Brioni shirt for 1/100th the price. Click to see the Neiman Marcus store’s description.

The other day, on a lark, I decided to stop by one of my favorite Goodwill stores near where I live. Two minutes later I was holding a beautiful Brioni shirt, just my size. I never would have guessed that this store would have such an expensive shirt donated and it looked like new. The full price: $5.95. Not a stain, rip, tear or mark on it anywhere. It really didn’t matter that it fit like it was tailored for me or that it was in the price range I couldn’t turn down. That wasn’t good enough. I had to find another if it existed and I wouldn’t rest until I was satisfied that I had overturned every rock and cranny in the store to make sure there wasn’t another.  This was the only one and my excitement finally died down.

I wore the shirt to work the next day and either my smile gave me away that something was different or the shirt was that good looking. It had to be the shirt since my teeth need whitening. What really put a smile on my face was the fact that I found this shirt for about 1/100th the price of a new one up the street at Barney’s. Happy hunting!

Never worn Armani coat – $4.99

Easy on the eyes
Easy on the eyes

This is what keeps me looking to the Goodwill stores in the area. I find some great deals, or should I say treasures, that I would otherwise not be able to afford. Many of the names I now have I had never even heard of a year ago. The name Armani is certainly one I grew up knowing but never dreamed of owning, much less a brand new one. I found, this past half-off Saturday, a never-worn three-button Giorgio Armani dress coat, size 56 European/46 US that fit like it was made for me. At least my eyes tell me so when I look in the mirror. The coat had the typical $9.99 price tag and I noticed that it had that Saturday’s date on it which meant it had just been hung on the clothes rack that very same day. The price for this fantastic find was a total of $4.99, less than the cost of a fancy Starbuck’s coffee.

My first thought was that someone may have stolen it from a high-end clothing store and felt guilty thereby donating it to the Goodwill. I could find no holes, rips or stains but after getting it home noticed that there was an inside button missing behind the middle of the three buttons on the front. As I understand it, stores cannot sell a coat that has a missing button, moth hole or noticeable stain on it for new so they usually donate it and take a tax write off. This is how I came across another great $9.99 deal finding an Ermenegildo Zegna coat with the Neiman Marcus price tag of $1,075 still attached under the left lapel. It had two small nibbles of a moth hole under that lapel. The price tag is small and hidden so I just left it attached. Makes for a great story when the occasion presents itself.

Minnie Pearl and her tagged hat
Minnie Pearl and her tagged hat

Is it the idea of an opportunity to make a great profit when I find something like this that keeps me haunting all of the local Goodwills or is it the sudden thrill of an adrenaline pump when I see the coveted names hanging from the metal tubes that have the colored tags stuck to the middle of the neck of these suits? I don’t know but one thing I do know is I have a bad case of whatever it is. I think I’ll leave the Goodwill tag and sleeve tag on this one just for the fun of it and believe that Minnie Pearl would be proud of me!



Hermes belt for $1.99

The belt I found is very similar to this and not the typical "H" shaped buckle.
The belt I found is very similar to this and not the typical “H” shaped buckle.

Had it not been for my looking at prices of purses for my daughter last month I would not have known that the company brand Hermes is hard to find and for good reason . . . they are at the top of the expensive line as far as I have seen. I saw a purse online by Hermes for around $45,000. Crazy!  I was out at lunch today and since it was Dollar Day and I found two dollars in a hidden pocket in the car, you know where I was heading for the remainder of my lunch hour.

I didn’t find any pink colored tag suits that I liked (for a dollar each) so I moved on to the next section, the belts. There it was, glittering in gold. I picked it up and the goose bumps hit me hard. The name HERMES with the horse drawn carriage were on the buckle and obviously gold plated. Why had no one else grabbed it in the ten days it had been on the rack? I will make a note to visit this Goodwill at least once a week if not more often.

If you are familiar with the name Hermes, then you know that some of the more expensive items are associated with that name. This belt that I paid less than two dollars for commands a price of over $800 depending on the type of leather or crocodile skin bought with this buckle. Add that name to your list to look for on your next visits. It’s obvious that there are not many people in my neighborhood that are acquainted with Hermes. Lucky me!