Who wears the pants in your family?

Every time that I visit a local Goodwill store there ensues a treasure hunt for something I didn’t realize I needed to buy and generates a bag or three walking out the door with me. Yes, I’ve been accused of having a bad case of Goodwillitis and you know by now that it can become quite contagious.

This was most certainly the case this past Friday, the day before the long awaited Saturday Half-off day. You can count on all of the “Friday Before Half” patrons scrounging around for the items they want to buy but are willing to take a chance on fighting for first position the following Saturday morning to find these hidden items at half the price. It can be quite entertaining to be looking through the men’s dress coats row only to find stuffed inside a blue Stafford suit a ladies red dress or to see another coat pocket bulging with a purple silk shirt you know wasn not intended to become a little pocket square. This Friday evening I just happened to run across a couple of well starched shirts with one of my favorite labels; Ermenegildo Zegna. Neither of these shirts were marked as better quality (BQ) which usually sports a higher price but rather had the usual price of $5.99. Don’t you know this made someone angry the following Saturday morning after the shirts found their way into my buggy beforehand. At this point, it didn’t matter to me whether they fit or not. They looked brand new and had the right combination of alphabet on the back collar and quickly relinquished their position on the chrome bar as soon as I caught my breath.

That was just the beginning of a great Friday Before Half. A little further down the men’s coat rack was a really nice, black, expensive looking wool jacket. A younger gentleman had just put it back on the rack complaining that the label sported a good name but it should have been hung in the women’s section. This peaked my attention and sure enough, it was a very expensive Giorgio Armani ladies jacket in perfect condition. No wonder he put it back, the price was $24.99 but it was mistakenly labeled as a man’s coat. That was a relatively high price but with a 20% coupon in my pocket, the price came down to an affordable $19.99. Into the buggy it went with the two shirts and I had been shopping for only ten minutes. With two daughters, this was a slam dunk.

Now, on to the tie section which was just around the corner. What a day!  I found a deep red Canali and three Ermenegildo Zegna silk ties just waiting to jump into the buggy with the shirts and coat. Did I tell you this was my favorite haunt?  Well, it just got better. In the glass case near the front of the store was a pair of sunglasses on the middle shelf where only short people would be able to view. I asked to see them and instantly recognized them with their two opposing letter G’s as Gucci. The price after the coupon discount was $7.99.

I don’t usually make a trip to the Goodwill on Mondays but there had to be a reason I had a “hankering” to visit my favorite Goodwill but just could not explain why. Guess I had to find out if my good luck was still in force. With a closet so full of pants that I cannot add another pair, I found myself reluctantly cruising through the pants section. As with the shirts, it takes very little effort to find the labels that jump right out at you and provide two arms full of goose bumps when you see names like Giorgio Armani and Ermenegildo Zegna. Those were the exact names that found their way into a white plastic bag and out the door. Price of the three totaled $21.71, and if bought new, the three pair of pants would total $1,145.00. The pants and two pair of like-new brown and black Johnston & Murphy loafers made for a great afternoon. Almost forgot to mention that I picked up a navy colored, two-button, medium notched lapel suit coat from Brioni sold by Berdorf-Goodman that found it’s way to my closet as well. I have another hankering, but this is to tell you that I paid $22 for the jacket and it sells new for $5,000 (check out this link). This was certainly more fun than I deserved this past weekend.