Another birthday bullseye!

This weekend was quite profitable but in this case it was more for my youngest daughter who just had a birthday. Young women are at best difficult to find something for that they would love to have for just such a day. You may think you know what they like one week and that can change to the other extreme the very next week. I succeeded this time though but looking to two words that best describe the classics to fall back on; black and Versace. Living in this area has its advantages and I’m taking in the benefit of each and every one that I can, while I can.

Ralph Lauren Purple labelSeems like just last week she was interested in One Direction but that’s been replaced with Brandy Melville. I have temporarily sidestepped Brandy for someone else. For less than a twenty dollar bill I was able to put a great smile on her face. The silky black blouse was just her size but just as important to both of us was the name on the label. A quick search online and there was a blouse similar to the one I purchased but the one I bought had additional beads around the front of the neck. The suggested price of the simpler blouse showed the price to be a whopping $695. Her older sister located the same black blouse earlier and let her know what she had just received.

But that wasn’t the end of my shopping that day. At one of my favorite Goodwill stores I found a small, beautiful, brown wool coat just her size. It was the purple tag inside the coat that grabbed my attention. I have never seen a Ralph Lauren label in that color before but knew immediately that whatever the price, it was going out the door with me. The price? . . . $7.98.

zegna beige suitThat took care of the birthday girl. As you probably already assumed, I also found a few things for myself. The next item that made its way into the buggy was also off the coat rack, a beige Ermenegildo Zegna three-button coat ($4.99) that looked as though it came straight from Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus. It appeared as if it were brand new. Looking further led me to a charcoal colored Giorgio Armani two-button coat, three white John Nordstrom, Barney’s New York and Eton Egyptian cotton French cuff dress shirts ($2.99 each), three Armani ties and one Zegna tie, a pair of Zegna black jeans and then two Italian made wool pants just my size, black and beige ($3.49 each).  Almost passed the pants over since there wasn’t a name in either but they did have the elusive Italian information tag and they looked sharp!

When I arrived home, I was sorting through the clothing and noticed the two pair of Italian pants had a similar label as the Zegna coat and then I found that one of the pair of pants was also similar in color to the coat. I placed the pants next to the coat and they were exactly the same color. I had accidentally put together a suit from two different sections of the store and didn’t know it at the time. Sometimes it pays off taking the extra time to see if you can find the matching pants hanging separately in the pants section. That makes a total of four suits this year that I’ve pieced together by continuing to look a little further. One of those four was a suit by Brioni. I’m heading back to the Goodwill store today during lunch to see if by chance I can find the black Zegna coat that matches the other pair of pants. I won’t know if I don’t make the effort.

By the way, my daughter still has that beautiful smile on her face and now, so do I thanks to Ralph and Gianni.


Another Hermes for less than the cost of a cup of coffee!

Hermes princes h tie
Hermes Pinces H tie – $195 Click to view larger image.

On a lark, I decided that it had been far too many days since I had last visited one of my favorite haunts so yesterday, after work, I made a bee-line to a Goodwill down the road from where the office. As always, after looking through the suits and dress coats finding that I had become much more discerning than before, I moved to the next area, the men’s neck ties. There were quite a number of nice ones but I was looking for some name brand Italian flavors. It wasn’t until I was halfway through the second large group and beginning to lose interest that I came across the much sought after but seldom seen name of Hermes. The green tie was quite wrinkled and it wasn’t until I saw the Duc carriage with horse logo on the back that I refocused my eyes realizing in disbelief what I had just come across. This is only the second one of this name that I have found on any of the Goodwill tie racks and it certainly was a beautiful representation. Most ties these days are quite hard to differentiate the better names from the lesser known ones but this one was definitely in the very best quality category. The Goodwill price for this items was . . . $1.99, and after my senior discount, the price out the door was only $1.49. A very similar Pinces H tie on the Hermes web site, as a comparison, is listed for $195.00. That’s a fantastic savings in anyone’s book on a tie sitting right at the top of the heap.

The total cost of three items, including a really nice Setwell maple suit coat & pants hanger along with a 24-tie wood and metal Hermes Duc carriage and horsehanger came to $5.96, no tax.  I had six dollars in my pocket so I could not even think of buying the Armani suit or the Armani Collezioni jacket that were a size too small I ran across moments before but this was one fish I wasn’t willing to let go of. I will have to listen to that little voice in my head more often when it tells me to check out the neighborhood Goodwill stores. But you know what they say about people who hear those little voices, don’t you? (They find great deals!)


Armani, Brioni & Zegna weekend!

The purpose of this site is to share the fantastic items found on the spontaneous visits to your local Goodwill stores. I’ve been updating my wardrobe with the finer items of clothing due to my proximity to some areas of affluence with patrons willing to part with their expensive items. A general rule of thumb is to not buy anything if I’m not willing to part with something else it is intended to replace. The idea behind this is to continually exchange an item of clothing with another of better quality. The lesser item finds its way to either the nearest Goodwill or eBay to help defray the cost of this venture.

If I adhere to this idea, the past weekend will require that I pull out a great number of items to “exchange” due to finding the following at a couple of my favorite haunts:

Giorgio Armani – Collezioni, charcoal colored pinstripe from Italy – $10.89 (895)
– Brioni – sold by Battaglia (Rodeo Drive), brown pinstripe from Italy – $12.99 (5,175)

– Giorgio Armani – MANI, charcoal 2-button from Italy – $4.99 (1,225)
– Giorgio Armani – MANI, dark grey 1-button pinstripe from Italy – $4.99 (1,225)
– Ermenegildo Zegna – Soft, grey 3-button from Italy – $10.80 (1,495)
– Ermenegildo Zegna – Z, grey 2-button from Italy – $10.80 (1,495)
– Ermenegildo Zegna – Z, black double-breasted from Italy – $7.07 (1,495)
– Ermenegildo Zegna – 15Milmil15, grey 3-button from Switzerland – $22.64 (2,000)
– Ermenegildo Zegna – Trofeo, blue 3-button from Switzerland – $24.34 (3,095)

– Giorgio Armani – Collezioni, dark green – $4.79 (235)
– Giorgio Armani – A|X, white – $7.18 (68.50)
– Ermenegildo Zegna – Sport, brown – $4.79 (385)
– Ermenegildo Zegna – Z, button down dress shirts (5), various colors – $7.18 each (385)
– Ted Baker, brown – $4.79 (165)

– Giorgio Armani – A|X, leather – $19.96 (598)
– Giorgio Armani – A|X, black – $5.59 (425)
– Zanella – Saks Fifth Avenue, beige – $5.59 (325)

Brioni, blue – $1.59 (235)
– Givenchy, brown – $1.59 (195)

     It was a great weekend until I checked by bank account. Now, it’s peanut butter sandwiches for lunch until the next paycheck and time to send a good part of my closets to eBay and the nearest Goodwill. Life is good 🙂

Armani, Brioni and ZegnaP.S.     It was requested that I include a set of photographs of the latest gathering of Goodwill purchases. I gathered all of the items listed above and assembled them in one photograph for proof that these items may be found when time and persistence prevails. See the accompanying photograph. Click on it to view a larger perspective.

P.P.S.     I also added next to the purchase price ($190.48) the retail suggested price ($21,161.50) in light gray with the totals for comparison provided here. The makes the suggested price a whopping 111 times what I paid for the used clothing. Money well spent for this bundle of beautiful well made items that I can put to good use!