2 Gucci, 2 Zegna & 11 Hermes ties today. 2 much!

Today at lunch, I made a dash to the Goodwill to see what else I could find. I had already scouted out yesterday the closest store to work and knew there might still be the three Burberry shirts hanging on the “Better Quality” (BQ) rack I had found but didn’t have the money right then. Sure enough, there they were in different places but still hanging on the two racks for BQ shirts. Since it was lunch time and there wasn’t much time to leisurely look around I headed right for the clothes hanger section and there were three thick, maple 18″ Setwell hangers for 69 cents each. Six items in ten minutes was a record for me. With my 20% discount coupon in hand, the half dozen items were sacked up and headed out the door.

The clock was very slow today but when it was time for work to be over, I quickly zipped out the door hoping with anticipation that my luck would hold out. My anticipation was fully granted and then some when after looking through the men’s coats I found three really nice dress coats just my size, Banana Republic, Burberry and a Hugo Boss. They were marked with the BQ label but the price was still only $12.95 each.

I felt quite smug in having my buggy full with three dress coats of nicer than usual selection, that was until I found myself looking through the large collection of neck ties.  Right off I found two Ermenegildo Zegnas. Since it was Halloween and this was the best place to find weird clothing, another teenager laughed indicating he wasn’t going to give that much for a tie for his goulish outfit even if it was a Gucci. I nervously smiled and waited until he put it back swapping it for a Sears polyester and made a bee line for it. I went back to where I had left off and continued on down the line seeing but not pulling several DKNY, Ralph Lauren Polo, & Bill Blass Black Labels. It was at the last rack of ties that I saw a large quantity of silk slung over the metal rod instead of hanging with the Goodwill plastic hanger. As I reached to slide them back on I noticed that the first one had the Hermes Duc carriage and horse. Boy what a day I thought. A third Hermes tie to add to my small collection of French ties. I kept checking the handfull of ties I had taken to replace with the plastic hangers and found myself nervously putting another ten Hermes ties plus another Gucci carefully in the buggy. Two weeks ago I had a banner day and today was certainly another to match!

I suddenly had to make a difficult choice. Regrettably, I have to pay my rent with this pay check and it came down to a choice of either the coats or the ties. With names and quality like Gucci, Zenga and Hermes, the ties won hands down.

I pulled up to the register and the lady paying her bill in front of me looked into my buggy and seeing that the only thing I had was a large group of ties, she made the comment that I certainly had a lot of them. I told her I had hit the jackpot and the eleven ties hanging in the largest group were all Hermes. Her eyes got big and she said with great enthusiasm that her son back East would like to have one of them and she was sure that with so many that I had to let her have one of them. I told her that I didn’t believe I would since it took me more than a year to find the two that I already had. She asked me twice more expecting to wear me down I guess before she turned toward the door with quite a different expression on her face and a less appealing tone to her voice. I was half way expecting to see her waiting for me outside the door to ask again but I made it safely to the car without further incident.

Eleven Hermes, two Gucci and two Ermenegildo Zegna ties.
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Three Burberry shirts, three Setwell maple hangers, two Zegna ties, two Gucci ties and eleven Hermes ties was a great haul for the day by anyone’s standards, but especially at a price that even I am able to afford.