Weekend to Remember

February coatsThere are some days that provide you with a glimpse of what is to come in the days following. This past Thursday was one of those. With it being “Dollar Day”, I was ready to hit a few Goodwill stores that I had already scouted and knew there might be the opportunity to pick up some great buys for a dollar each. The first stop brought in a fantastic couple of jackets, one from Yves Saint Laurent and the other from Brioni. Of course, neither of these were a dollar but less than $10 each. The weekend also found a surprise perfect fitting brown Donna Karan and the real surprise was the Dolce & Gabbana corduroy jacket.  Total cost to my wallet for the four jackets was $35.94, price new for the same four would have been around $8,450.00. In addition, I was able to take advantage of the dollar per item with a brown Banana Republic pair of pants and shirt and a blue Tommy Bahama shirt.

February shirtsThe weekend also brought in several other items including a couple of Turnbury sweaters, one of baby alpaca and the other of super fine cashmere. There were many shirts that made their way into my basket including names like Oxxford Clothes, Banana Republic, Giorgio Armani (2), Burberry, Hugo Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna (2), John Varvatos, Yves Saint Laurent and Canali at a cost of $59.16 to me but if purchased new would have set me back right at $3,194.56 before taxes. There were also some nice pants that jumped at me as I passed by with names like Ermenegildo Zegna, Giorgio Armani, Lucky Brand, Eddie Bauer, Zanella, Hugo Boss, Burberry and Christian Dior that cost $46.48 and new would have been $2,022.50. Of course, I had to pass by the necktie section and found Ermenegildo Zegna (4),  John Varvatos, Christian Dior, Brook’s Brothers, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and a Fendi with a price paid of $24.65 worth $1,578.37. Other items I found were the much needed Florsheim shoe trees, a shoe brush, two maple suit hangers and gold plated belt buckles from Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior.

February pantsAll in all, this was a great weekend of treasure hunting and almost everything was my size. Total cost for everything was $166.23 with a value of right at $13,224.94 if purchased new based on what I could find on the Internet.