December 2015 Summary

Logo smallAlthough it is only half of the way through the month, I wanted to go ahead and post the past two weeks finds since the next two weeks will be occupied with the Christmas holiday. The cold weather is now hitting the area and snow birds are dropping off some great items from “up north” they no longer need. Some of these show up as coats, sweaters and overcoats.

November 2015 leftIt has been a great start of the month with putting together a suit with a great dress jacket and matching pants for less than $15 from Ermenegildo Zegna.  As far as dress coats by themselves, I found six really nice high end jackets including one from Armani, two from Ermenegildo Zegna (one of which is a Taglio Esclusivo), a beautiful perfect Oxxford Clothes from Neiman Marcus, a Rafael dark brown sport jacket and a fantastic Salvatore Ferragamo plaid tan jacket, but just a bit too small.
November 2015 rightIn the shirts, I was fortunate to find a prize in a blue Brioni just my size, a darker blue Armani A|X (Armani Exchange), a white Christian Dior Plus de Coton, four Ermenegildo Zegna dress shirts, finishing up with some nice examples from Michael Kors and Ted Baker.

With the cold weather hitting us this month, the sweaters are showing up now and there are some great ones just sitting there on the rack. I was lucky to find two from Armani, one of which was an Armani Exchange and the other from the Collezioni category. I then found a snow flake sweater from Christian Dior and another from Façonnable.

In the pants section, I was unusually lucky in finding four from Giorgio Armani and another four from Ermenegildo Zegna within a few inches of each other at the same store. Michael Kors then popped up again priced where I could not afford to leave it.

I didn’t pick up as many ties this month as before but was fortunate to find a couple from Armani, two from Ermenegildo Zegna, one from Fendi, one from Salvatore Ferragamo and another from Yves Saint Laurent. Salvatore Ferragamo showed up again in the shoe section with a very nice set of loafers that would have otherwise cost me one hundred times as much if purchased new.


The last category of accessory items was targeted toward Christmas purchases. These neat little boxes were found at one store and I bought all six of the wooden clam shell quality fountain pen holders. My kids aren’t expecting the total package I have in mind for Santa Claus’s visit due to a fun order of fine point ink pens from

Here is the spreadsheet showing this month’s results. The price you would pay if the item was new versus the price I paid is an incredible 138 times as much. Goodwill hunting!

December 2015 Take

$187.32 $271.26 $25,807.04 137.8x
Company Description Paid Tagged Retail Color Origin
2,295.00 Ermenegildo Zegna at ultimo 14.97 16.98 2,295.00 Brown Italy
Dress Coats
11,842.03 Armani, Giorgio Giorgio Armani 4.99 9.99 1,275.00 Celery Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Neiman Marcus 4.99 9.99 2495.00 Brown Switzerland
Ermenegildo Zegna Taglio Esclusivo 7.98 9.99 2,295.00 Brown Switzerland
Oxxford Clothes Neiman Marcus 4.99 9.99 4,515.00 Black USA
Rafael  – 7.48 9.99 24.99 Brown China
Salvatore Ferragamo  – 4.99 9.99 1,237.04 Tan Italy
2,778.96 Armani, Giorgio A|X 4.99 9.99 89.50 Blue China
Brioni  – 4.79 5.99 645.00 Blue Italy
Christian Dior Plus de Coton 2.49 4.99 214.46 White USA
Ermenegildo Zegna Z Zegna 4.79 5.99 345.00 Brown Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna  – 4.79 5.99 375.00 White Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna  – 4.79 5.99 375.00 Blue Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna  – 4.79 5.99 375.00 Plum Italy
Michael Kors  – 3.99 7.99 195.00 White China
Ted Baker 7.18 8.99 165.00 Blue England
1,654.50 Armani, Giorgio A|X 2.99 5.99 89.50 Tan Hong Kong
Armani, Giorgio Collezioni 7.99 9.99 417.00 Navy Italy
Christian Dior  – 4.79 5.99 903.00 Navy USA
Façonnable  – 2.99 5.99 245.00 Navy France
5,315.00 Armani, Giorgio Collezioni 5.59 6.99 745.00 D brown Italy
Armani, Giorgio Collezioni 5.59 6.99 745.00 D brown Italy
Armani, Giorgio Le Collezioni 5.59 6.99 280.00 Tan Italy
Armani, Giorgio MANI 3.49 6.99 395.00 Brown Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna  – 5.59 6.99 725.00 Navy Portugal
Ermenegildo Zegna  – 5.59 6.99 780.00 Tan Portugal
Ermenegildo Zegna  – 5.59 6.99 725.00 Olive Portugal
Ermenegildo Zegna  – 5.59 6.99 725.00 Black Portugal
Michael Kors Michael 5.24 6.99 195.00 Tan China
1,306.60 Armani, Giorgio Cravette 2.49 4.99 150.00 Brown Italy
Armani, Giorgio Cravette 0.99 1.99 150.00 Red Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 1.99 1.99 205.00 Blue Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 3.19 3.99 205.00 Orange Italy
Fendi Cravette 2.99 2.99 111.60 Brown Italy
Salvatore Ferragamo  – 1.99 3.99 190.00 Orange Italy
Yves Saint Laurent  – 1.99 3.99 295.00 Red US
560.00 Salvatore Ferragamo loafers 5.59 6.99 560.00 Brown Italy
20.00 Setwell Coat/pants cuff 0.34 0.69 20.00 Wood/metal USA
34.95 Pen box  – 1.59 1.99 6.99 Pine USA
Pen box  – 1.59 1.99 6.99 Pine USA
Pen box  – 0.99 1.99 6.99 Pine USA
Pen box  – 0.99 1.99 6.99 Pine USA
Pen box  – 0.99 1.99 6.99 Pine USA


P.S. Photographs of the items will show up later on.