September 2016 Summary

Logo smallEditor’s note: I was paid a third paycheck on the last Friday of this month and visited three Goodwill stores after work. The information below has been updated to reflect this in the text and the old information was place in paranthesis for comparison.

A major goal has finally been met and it’s time to pull in the reins and begin working toward the next goal, that of selling off at least eighty percent of what I have accumulated that hasn’t already been sold. This month’s purchase was half of that of last month by a good margin but the magic number of retail amount of 100 times the purchase price was met a second time this year. The fifty-one (thirty-seven) items purchased came to a total retail amount of just over $77,000 ($33,000) and the magic number of 107.5 (108.8) times if purchased at full retail from what I paid. It was a good month and I took advantage of the paycheck on the last day of the month (still have a week to go but have run out of money).

The plan was to pull back and purchase only the highest names in the market when available. This typically means that you have to be there when the product comes out the door and is still on the cart before it is hung up in its respective place in the store. This month, there were no purchases of suits, overcoats or pocket squares. Even so, there were some great items found.

Dress jackets of Gucci, Brioni, Armani and Alexander WangThere were four (Only one) dress jackets purchased with great selections found with the names of Armani, Brioni and Gucci as well as locating a dark, shiny, blue silk and wool from Ermenegildo Zegna. It was well worth the sixteen dollars I paid for it and will be the jacket first worn tomorrow to work. The Armani was  a dark blue sport jacket, great for just throwing on and going shopping. The Brioni was an especially nice gold plaid silk with the typical high quality you would expect with a name like this. The other treasure was the new faintly striped black Gucci found near closing time and fits like it was bespoke.

shirts and sweatersThere were ten (six) shirts located in amongst all the multicolored solids and patterns. Of these ten (six), there was a solid white Brioni, five carried the name of Burberry, three from Ermenegildo Zegna and a very nice shirt from Prada filled in with the last purchase.

Three (Two) sweaters were purchased with two meant as birthday and Christmas presents to keep the warmth inside and look good outside. These were from Armani Exchange with the name from top to bottom and a very nice merino wool black sweater from Gio Ferrari. Another last minute surprise was a black zipper hoodie from Alexander Wang.

pants and dress jacketThe pants section carried the surprise badge this month with seven top end brands. A brown pair of Brioni Sport pants were quickly picked up  despite being very wrinkled requiring some needle and thread to fix a few areas where it appeared the pants had been put into a dryer causing the damage. Not something you do with 100% wool pants on any day. After a few rounds of hand steaming and some handwork with a needle and matching thread, you never would have known that the pants had looked as bad as they did the day before. Additional last minute ties and shirtsA dressy pair of Christian Dior Le Connaissuer dark blue pants would look great with the silk jacket mentioned earlier. Four pairs of Ermenegildo Zegna were found at one store, all the same size. Two pairs of these were a black and brown set of jeans while the other two were specially made Su Misura items of fantastic soft wool. Santorelli rounded out the set of pants with a charcoal pair of Romeo 1900F.

ties for SeptemberAs usual, the ties brought in the greatest variety and in this case, also the greatest number of items; nineteen (fifteen). Listed alphabetically were Burberrys, Canali (2), Charvet, Ermenegildo Zegna (6), Hermès (3), Italo Ferretti, Jon vanDyk, Massimo Dutti, Stefano Ricci,  Valentino and Gianni Versace. It has been a while since I found any from Hermès and was glad to see two on the rack. A black Charvet Place Vendôme was put in the cart making it a third from this French company. Also, another was a very nice tie from Stefano Ricci priced at less than a dollar. All of these were great finds at an affordable price.

shoes for SeptemberThere were three pairs of shoes picked up this month. One of my favorites is from Bally and although they are a bit too narrow, they are undergoing a softening and stretching using Allen Edmond leather conditioner and extra-large cedar shoe trees. The other two pairs of shoes were a bit pricy but well worth the payment. These were ladies shoes from Manolo Blahnik and Tory Burch. My oldest daughter has already put a claim on both. We’ll see.

Hermes purse and videosIn the accessories segment of this month’s haul comes the repeat of a very famous name; Hermès. While looking within the counter of watches, purses certain item? Although I doubt that it is the real thing, it is still worth taking a chance for less than a twenty dollar bill to make sure it received special attention as to whether it was the real thing or not. I have fourteen days to take it back for a store credit should I wish to take it back. The other two items in this category were a plastic ruler needed for the metric measurements and a sealed, in-the-box bottle of men’s Eau de Toilette cologne from Salvatore Ferragamo. New Seiko watch in the boxAnother last minute find was the gold watch in it’s original box with papers from Seiko. A ten dollar battery and the watch was running as usual. The Seiko dealer said the watch looked like it was brand new and unused.

All in all, this was a nice haul for the month even if you take out the Hermès Birkin bag should it be bogus. It will make a nice present for some lady back home at Christmas time just for the fun of it.

The following chart shows the purchases for the month of September as well as links to where I found the retail price or one very similar to it.

Sep 2016

$716.89 $918.53 $77,093.65 107.5x
 ($303.55)  ($384.33)  ($33,039.86)  (108.8x)
Item Company Detail Paid Tagged Retail Color Origin
Dress Jackets
9,072 Armani Collezioni 7.98 9.99 537.00 Blue Italy
Brioni Nomentano 7.98 9.99 4,950.00 Gold Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 15.97 19.99 1,095.00 Blue Switzerland
Gucci  – 27.96 34.99 2,490.00 Black Italy
3,574 Brioni Bergdorf Goodman 0.01 7.99 575.00 Brown Italy
Burberry Golf 11.98 14.99 275.00 Brown Italy
Burberry London 4.79 5.99 335.00 Blue USA
Burberry London 10.38 12.99 335.00 Grey Tunisia
Burberry London 10.38 12.99 335.00 Grey Tunisia
Burberry’s  – 4.99 9.99 335.00 Blue USA
Ermenegildo Zegna Soft Z 2.99 5.99 375.00 Orange Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 2.99 5.99 445.00 Tan Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 4.79 5.99 445.00 Brown Italy
Prada Milano 10.39 12.99 118.75 Brown Italy
542 Alexander Wang hoodie 4.79 5.99 325.00 Black China
Armani, Giorgio A|X 7.98 9.99 105.00 Black Portugal
Gio Ferrari  – 4.79 5.99 112.00 Black Italy
3,876 Brioni Sport 5.59 6.99 850.00 Brown Italy
Christian Dior LeConnaisseur 5.59 6.99 461.00 Blue USA
Ermenegildo Zegna Jeans 5.59 6.99 475.00 Black Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Jeans 5.59 6.99 475.00 Brown Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Su Misura 5.59 6.99 695.00 Brown Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Su Misura 5.59 6.99 695.00 Navy Italy
Santorelli Romeo 1900F 3.49 6.99 225.00 Black Italy
3,532 Burberrys  – 1.59 1.99 190.00 Brown USA
Canali  – 1.59 1.99 200.00 Brown Italy
Canali  – 0.79 0.99 200.00 Pink Italy
Charvet Place Vendôme 0.99 0.99 245.00 Black France
Ermenegildo  – 1.59 1.99 195.00 Grey Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Couture 0.79 0.99 195.00 Orange Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Disegno Esclusivo 1.99 1.99 195.00 Orange Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 1.99 1.99 195.00 Blue Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna 0.99 0.99 195.00 Tan Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna 2.39 2.99 195.00 Blue Italy
Hermès 172 FA 2.99 2.99 195.00 Blue France
Hermès 296 MA 3.99 3.99 195.00 Blue France
Hermès 5268 SA 3.19 3.99 180.00 Blue France
Italo Ferretti dis.n2 A030317 5.59 6.99 178.50 Red Italy
Jon van Dyk  – 1.49 2.99 6.95 Brown China
Massimo Duti 2.39 2.99 6.95 Red Italy
Stefano Ricci  – 0.79 0.99 275.00 Cream Italy
Valentino Boutique 2.39 2.99 275.00 Tan Italy
Versace, Gianni 3.19 3.99 275.00 Red Italy
1,415 Bally Tom 14.37 17.99 495.00 Brown Switzerland
Manolo Blahnik Metina Porc Velour Havane 55.92 69.99 625.00 Black Italy
Tory Burch Verbena – Tribal Pitone SNK 55.92 69.99 295.00 Black USA
21,768 Hermès Birkin 19.99 24.99 21,750.00 Aqua France
Plastic ruler  – 0.34 0.69 0.69 Clear Taiwan
Salvatore Ferragamo Eau de Toilette 7.98 9.99 16.97 Clear Italy
Seiko SUR-200 39.94 49.99 275.00 Gold Japan