March 2017 Summary

Logo smallA big thank you to everyone who donates to all of the Goodwill stores! You may even see something you donated on this site if you live in my area of hunting.

This month of March yielded a fresh assortment of selections due to a couple of new stores opening within their expanded area of collection.  Although I spent more than usual on ninety items and didn’t meet the target three-digit retail goal of 100 times what I paid (this time only 81x), there were some real gems worth purchasing. I have set my focus upon only higher-end items despite Goodwill trying to tempt all of us with their renewed selection of month old merchandise offered at only $1 each. It isn’t out of the ordinary to see a little old lady trying her best to push two buggies full and overflowing to the checkout once again.

Treasures – There were a good number of “treasures” found this past month. Two suits worth mentioning in this category were a Prince of Wales Burberry pants and jacket picked up for less than twelve dollars and a like-new Classic V2 Gianni Versace tuxedo that fits very well. Along the lines of Italian suits were also located a couple of dress jackets from Versace and Gucci. I always like finding anything from Brioni and a deep green shirt showed up on the rack at a favorite haunt. Due to my creating a new web page comparing shirt prices at the high-end stores locally, I also located a shirt from Yohji Yamamoto where they can be purchased new at Barney’s beginning with a price of $630. When the snow birds come down for the winter, they will typically “dump” their high priced sweaters and overcoats, not needing them in this warmer climate. Burberry, Ermenegildo Zegna, Lanvin and a purple label Ralph Lauren were picked up for as little as $3.74. Ties are always a favorite due to finding expensive names for affordable prices. Kiton, Tiffany, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Loro Piana, Charvet and Stefano Ricci were a few of the names that showed up. A number of items in the accessories category were found with names like Fendi, and Prada in the form of purses that my daughters will probably fight over as to who gets which one. I also picked up three older Hummel figurines, two of which dated to 1956.

Suits – The nice thing about finding suits that fit you in the Goodwill is that you do not have to look around to match a pair of pants to a jacket that you like, especially when it is of a shade of blue or brown that you don’t have pants to go with. Burberry is a great brand to find and wears very nicely, is well made and should last a long time if taken proper care of. I found a charcoal colored Burberry Prince of Jackets and suits for March 2017Wales just my size for $11.98 and can’t wait to wear it to church this coming Sunday. A second great find well worth the $15.97 paid was a Gianni Versace Classic V2 tuxedo that looked as though it had never been worn. Luckily, both suits fit very well and should need no tailoring adjustments. Total retail for the two suits amounted to $5,670 with my out-of-pocket being only $27.95.

Dress Jackets – Four jackets were added to my closet this month. The name of Canali is always a welcome brand to find as they are well made, soft to the touch and look quite remarkable when worn with a nice pair of matching pants. I paid less than five dollars for such a black, classic blazer. A second, more casual, tan corduroy jacket with the name of Emile Lafaurie fit nicely and was added to this month’s selection. The next two dress jackets have a story of their own. Goodwill sorts their merchandise into various categories, hangs the items together on a mobile rack and make their way into the area of the store where the items are to be placed. I spotted just such a rack and being the first to see it, I had first choice after asking permission from the attendant. There were a few jackets hanging together and as I looked to identify the first black wool coat, the inside pocket label with the name of Versace showed it’s black lettering and prominent head of medusa. What a nice way to start the day’s search.  The next jacket added to the excitement as I opened an obvious well-made jacket to discover that it showed an equally recognizable name of GUCCI! The attendant saw my excitement and asked what I had discovered. I showed her the two names and she asked how much they were tagged for. When I showed her the prices of $9.99, she said that someone in the back obviously didn’t know what they were doing. I just smiled. Total retail for all four jackets picked up this month amounted to $5,430 with my out-of-pocket being only $28.93.

Shirts – A total of 33 shirts were selected this month. These included some nice welcome surprises such as Armani (5), Breuer, Brioni, Burberry London, Canali (3), Charles Tyrwhitt (2), Ermenegildo Zegna (14), Givenchy, Ike Behar, Michael Kors, Rag & Bone, Versace, Yohji Yamamoto, Yves Saint Laurent (4) and two from Zanella. These are all very nice shirts and I am trying to be more selective in choosing only those that fit my size and still came up with thirty-three. I always welcome the name of Brioni as they are obviously made with special attention and the very best materials. Since I had recently created a special page for high-end shirts, the name of Yohji Yamamoto looked familiar when I saw his signature on a shirt label. After looking up the page on my cell phone and seeing that the brand sold at Barney’s for a range of $630 to $1,310, I quickly snagged it. Total retail for all of the shirts amounted to $11,283.50 with my out-of-pocket being only $152.40.

SweatersSweaters – The winter months typically bring out the cold weather clothing deposited by the “snow birds” coming in from the northern states and Canada. Overcoats and sweaters are in abundance more so this time of the year at some of the better Goodwill stores. Eight sweaters were picked up with the names of Burberry Brit, COOGI (2), Ermenegildo Zegna Sport, Giorgio Armani, Lanvin, Michael Kors and a purple label Ralph Lauren. Total retail for the sweaters amounted to $5,954.98 with my out-of-pocket being only $45.05.

PantsPants – Four pairs of pants were picked up, three from Italy. You just can’t pass up a great pair of slacks from Armani for less than three dollars, especially when they are black. A pair of dress slacks from Ermenegildo Zegna of wool and cashmere were found for those cool evening dinners. Another pair of brown pants from Canali were located for a little less than five dollars with a fourth good quality dark blue pants with no name that match a beautiful jacket completed a set for a suit. Total retail for the pants amounted to an estimated $1,415.00 with my out-of-pocket being only $17.36.

Ties – The number of ties were once again just short of the number of shirts this month for a total of 29. Some especially good finds were those of Charvet, Ermenegildo Zegna Quindici couture, Gucci (4), Kiton, Loro Piana, Marc Jacobs, Salvatore Ferragamo, Stefano Ricci and Tiffany & Company. Others located were from Armani, Bresciani, Burberry’s, Dries Van Noten, Ermenegildo Zegna (10), Robert Talbott (bow tie) and Sartori. Total retail for all of the ties amounted to $5,710.00 with my out-of-pocket being only $74.65.

Clothing hangers, shoe trees and a banana hanger.Shoes – I wasn’t able to find any shoes that were either my size or of a higher end brand I am interested in. I did however, find some nice cedar shoe trees that sell anywhere from twenty to twenty-eight dollars for a pair. These brands were Cole Haan, Johnston & Murphy, Jos. A Bank and Nordstrom. These add life and comfort to your leather footwear.

Hangers – Thick plastic hangers are great for placing wet clothing on to dry after washing but not for regular use in the closet. A better quality hanger is typically made of either cedar to keep the moths at bay or maple for longer life. When I see a good example of a wide maple hanger with pants cuff snaps, the price of $1.99 is well worth grabbing, especially those that sell new for about twenty dollars. Of all the hangers, I have found the brand Setwell to be a very good name to look for.

Fendi and Prada pursesAccessories – Also known as the miscellaneous category, accessories are items that I must have which don’t fit into any of the above groups. Two purses that proved to be originals and not fakes were picked up for my daughters and/or presents were from Fendi (Zucca Elegant Tote) and Prada (small Esplanade). One of the Goodwill stores always has a great selection of purses in the jewelry cabinet but are often hard to see in the dark corner unless an attendant pulls them out to verify the brand and if they are made in Italy and not a fake from China.  Hummel figurines, Kate Spade iPhone cover, crocodile belt and Swank cuff-linksHummel figurines are very collectible and when I find these for less than ten dollars, they are well worth picking up. You have to be careful in that if the figurine has a small chip or is repaired in any way, they are then worth no more than one-half the suggested market price. I found three perfect examples, two with an earlier TMK 2 dating them to 1956. This category also brought in a much needed banana holder, a Kate Spade iPhone 7 cover, a black crocodile belt and a Swank set of pearl cuff-links. Total retail for all of these items amounted to $4,529.99 with my out-of-pocket being $134.27, the purses taking the bulk of this.

Note: Some items have been added at the end of the month that were not photographed if you happen to notice the discrepancy.

March 2017

$495.00 $653.46 $40,220.55 81.3x
Item Company Detail Paid Tagged Retail Color Origin
5,670 Burberry Prince of Wales 11.98 14.99 1,995.00 Charcoal USA
Versace Classic V2 tuxedo 15.97 19.99 3,675.00 Black Italy
Dress Jackets
5,430 Canali Classic blazer 4.99 9.99 1,395.00 Black Italy
Emile Lafaurie corduory 7.98 9.99 450.00 Tan Portugal
Gucci  – 7.98 9.99 2,490.00 Black Italy
Versace Leone 7.98 9.99 1,095.00 Black Italy
11,284 Armani, Giorgio A|X 3.99 4.99 98.00 Blue China
Armani, Giorgio Black Label 3.99 4.99 225.00 Black Italy
Armani, Giorgio Giorgio Armani le Collezioni 4.99 4.99 295.00 Blue Italy
Armani, Giorgio Le Collezioni 3.99 4.99 695.00 Black Italy
Armani, Giorgio  – 4.99 4.99 695.00 Brown Italy
Breuer  – 1.00 5.99 275.00 White France
Brioni Tonal 2.49 4.99 585.00 Green Italy
Burberry London 14.97 19.99 275.00 Yellow USA
Canali 100% linen 4.99 4.99 325.00 Green Italy
Canali  – 3.99 4.99 395.00 Blue Italy
Canali  – 3.99 4.99 395.00 Blue Italy
Charles Tyrwhitt Slim Fit 3.99 4.99 199.00 White England
Charles Tyrwhitt Slim Fit 3.99 4.99 199.00 White England
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 3.99 4.99 375.00 Blue Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 4.99 4.99 375.00 Tan Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 4.99 4.99 375.00 Blue Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 3.99 4.99 375.00 Black Spain
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 4.99 9.99 250.00 Grey Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 2.49 4.99 250.00 Navy Turkey
Ermenegildo Zegna  – 4.99 4.99 495.00 Grey Romania
Ermenegildo Zegna  – 2.49 4.99 375.00 Black Turkey
Givenchy Monsieur 7.98 9.99 480.00 Red Hong Kong
Ike Behar 3.74 4.99 265.00 Brown Canada
Michael Kors Regular Fit 4.99 4.99 129.50 White Indonesia
Rag & Bone Yokohama 3.74 4.99 250.00 Grey China
Versace Collection Trend 4.99 4.99 295.00 Black Turkey
Yohji Yamamoto pour homme 4.99 4.99 630.00 Grey Japan
Yves Saint Laurent 4.99 4.99 295.00 Grey Italy
Yves Saint Laurent pour homme 4.99 4.99 119.00 Tan Taiwan
Yves Saint Laurent pour homme 4.99 4.99 119.00 Orange Italy
Yves Saint Laurent pour homme 3.74 4.99 525.00 Tan Italy
Zanella  – 3.99 4.99 325.00 Tan Italy
Zanella  – 4.99 4.99 325.00 Brown Italy
5,955 Armani, Giorgio silk & linen 7.98 9.99 1,225.00 Black Italy
Burberry Brit 10.38 12.99 650.00 Gray China
COOGI 3.99 4.99 349.99 Black Australia
COOGI 3.99 4.99 349.99 Blue Australia
Ermenegildo Zegna Sport 4.99 4.99 1,195.00 Black Italy
Lanvin  – 3.74 4.99 995.00 White Hong Kong
Michael Kors V-neck 4.99 4.99 195.00 Black China
Ralph Lauren Purple Label 4.99 9.99 995.00 Black Italy
1,415 Armani, Giorgio MANI 2.99 5.99 395.00 Black Italy
Canali 1934 4.79 5.99 425.00 Brown Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Cashmere 4.79 5.99 495.00 Black Portugal
No name  – 4.79 5.99 100.00 Navy Italy
5,710 Armani, Giorgio Cravatte 2.99 2.99 245.00 Green Italy
Bresciani  – 3.74 4.99 50.00 Grey Italy
Burberry’s 1.49 1.99 50.00 Red USA
Charvet Place Vendôme 10.38 12.99 245.00 Blue France
Dries Van Noten  – 2.99 5.99 185.00 Red Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Quindici couture 1.99 1.99 285.00 Pink Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 1.99 1.99 205.00 Yellow Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 1.99 1.99 205.00 Red Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 1.99 1.99 205.00 Red Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 1.99 1.99 205.00 Red Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 1.99 1.99 205.00 Red Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 1.99 1.99 205.00 Blue Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 1.59 1.99 205.00 Red Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 1.59 1.99 205.00 Brown Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna  – 0.99 1.99 205.00 Green Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna  – 1.59 1.99 205.00 Orange Italy
Gucci Paolo Gucci 1.99 1.99 200.00 Red Italy
Gucci  – 0.99 1.99 200.00 Gray Italy
Gucci  – 0.99 1.99 200.00 Gray Italy
Gucci  – 3.19 3.99 200.00 Blue Italy
Kiton Napoli 0.99 1.99 325.00 Brown Italy
Loro Piana  – 1.59 1.99 350.00 Brown England
Marc Jacobs  – 3.99 3.99 95.00 Brown Italy
Robert Talbott Bow tie 2.39 2.99 95.00 Black USA
Salvatore Ferragamo  – 3.99 4.99 190.00 Brown Italy
Salvatore Ferragamo  – 3.99 4.99 190.00 Brown Italy
Sartori  – 2.99 3.99 40.00 Green Italy
Stefano Ricci  – 1.49 2.99 250.00 Silver Italy
Tiffany & Co. Hermès 4.79 5.99 125.00 Orange Korea
69 Cole Haan Cedar shoe tree 0.99 3.99 14.00 Cedar USA
Johnston & Murphy Cedar shoe tree 0.79 0.99 9.98 Cedar USA
Johnston & Murphy Cedar shoe tree 0.79 0.99 9.98 Cedar USA
Jos. A Bank Cedar shoe tree 3.99 4.99 25.00 Cedar USA
Nordstrom Cedar shoe tree 0.99 0.99 9.98 Cedar USA
159 Hangorize Plastic (50) 0.99 0.99 47.98 White China
Natural Maple 0.25 0.25 31.15  – China
Natural Maple 0.25 0.25 20.77 Natural China
Natural Suit 1.59 1.99 15.75 USA
Natural Suit 0.99 0.99 1.75  – USA
Natural Suit 0.99 0.99 1.75  – USA
Setwell Suit 0.99 0.99 20.00 Maple USA
Setwell Suit 0.79 0.99 20.00 Maple USA
4,529 Fendi Zucca Elegant 31.95 39.95 1,500.00 Brown Italy
Hummel 81 2/0 Tmk 2 9.98 19.99 175.00 Tan W Germany
Hummel 82 2/0 Tmk 2 9.98 19.99 175.00 Tan W Germany
Hummel 197 2/0 Tmk 3 9.98 19.99 200.00 Tan W Germany
Kate Spade phone cover 4.99 9.99 40.00 White China
Lipper Int. banana holder 0.49 0.99 10.99 Wood China
No name Crocodile belt 4.99 4.99 119.00 Black  –
Prada Small Esplanade 55.92 69.99 2,280.00 Black Italy
Swank pearl cuff-links 5.99 5.99 29.00 Gold USA

The recent addition of price comparison pages I created for the shirts, suits and ties has been a quick resource in helping me eliminate some of the brands that sound like something they are not. Although higher prices do not dictate higher quality, it is still nice to know where a brand is ranked in your local high-end stores. Future pages for shoes, sweaters, pants and watches are in the works with this same idea in mind. I hope this information works for you as well. The pages will be updated as time allows, probably annually. Knowing your brands as to which command a greater return on your investment is good business sense. Good luck with your Goodwill hunting.