May 2018 Summary

Logo smallThis month of May, once again, fell well short of the average but for the money spent was a real gainer with the retail amounting to 157 times the sum spent as opposed to only spending $78.31. With only thirteen items purchased as opposed to last month of forty-two, the retail value would have been right at $470 more. This was an ideal target to meet and was due primarily to the two items picked up from Oxxford Clothes and the two pair of pants from Ermenegildo Zegna and Samuelsohn.

Treasures – It is always a real treasure to find anything from the Oxxford Clothes company based in Chicago since 1916. You will always find the quality of material and workmanship to be the best made in the United States. The medium grey Fawnskin suit, though too small for me, was an immediate given at less than twenty dollars when I saw the gold sewn crest on the inside right pocket and the horn buttons. The same was true just a few jackets down on the rack for the canary yellow Emperor’s Cashmere jacket. According to the blog, Emperor’s Cashmere is about the best in the world. The 165 steps or more to create a jacket where the collars and lapels are hand-stitched with 2,950 plus stitches and the finished product is then pressed by hand for more than an hour to ensure the best of the best. Each piece of cloth is hand cut with scissors.

One other treasure located in the same store on the same rack was the black and grey striped Versace V2 sweater. It isn’t often you find this name on the rack at a price just a couple of dollars more than a much cheaper brand.

Suit – This medium grey top quality suit from Oxxford Clothes was made for wearing in the summer with a minimal amount of lining inside to promote air flow. The Fawnskin material is soft but durable and should look good at any prestige occasion.

Dress Jacket – It isn’t often that you will find a canary yellow cashmere jacket but considering the fact that Tom Ford has gone to suiting us in many other bright colors, my curiosity took hold and I had to find out who created such a soft but bright colored suit jacket. I am glad I did look when I unveiled the maker as that of Oxxford Clothes. This one came from one of the Connolly’s stores from Oklahoma/Texas.

Shirts – My dad has a birthday coming up around the corner and though he doesn’t need much, he did ask for snap button shirts instead of the type for button holes. Giorgio Armani has some nice Armani Exchange shirts that fit just this request and dad will be glad to see this package of several of these shirts picked up recently including this black one with thin grey vertical stripes.

Ermenegildo Zegna creates some nice quality shirts that fit me well in that the shirt sleeves aren’t baggy under the arms and are pleated to fit a little trimmer shape. This $400 tan shirt was picked up for less than eight dollars

Sweater – The label popped right out at me as I walked by the end of the suit rack – Versace. The price was just a little more than nine dollars and I knew the retail had to be quite a bit more. I was right, it came in right at $525 as referenced from the web site. There are a couple of small moth holes that are easily fixed with some black thread. There is usually a good story as to why top quality clothing shows up in the Goodwill stores. It’s usually a missing button, a soiled collar or a small area where a hungry moth caterpillar decided to have lunch. Easy fix!

Pants – It is always exciting to find a nice pair of pants that are just my size but when I find a top end pair made from Ermenegildo Zegna or Samuelsohn, it is all the more thrilling. It’s like the treasure hunt yielded a piece of gold. In this case, the gold was a pair of $695 pair of tan trousers from Portugal and another black Super 100’s made in Canada.

Ties – If ever I find a brand name that goes home with me, it is from the neck tie section of the store. Only two ties hit the cashier’s counter this month, one from Canali and another from Turnbull & Asser, Prince Charles pick for shirts and ties. Both brands are of the highest quality and look good with just about any shirt you tie one of these two around your neck.

Accessories –  Having purchased a number of Goebel M.I. Hummel figurines lately, I was looking for something to show them off but at the same time keeping them from catching the grease and dust that accumulates inside my place of residence. The glass domed container with a wooden base fit just the occasion for one highly prized figurine at a time to display.

I needed a shoe rack to match the other two I have to get the nicer shoes off the floor where I could see them better when choosing the next day’s apparel. This smaller version worked right in against the wall next to the other two and allowed for several pair of shoes to be elevated from the floor to better visibility.

Speaking of shoes, a matching pair of BLKSmith cedar shoe trees with brass heel knobs were picked up for a total of $2.38. The brass looks great inside the brown dress shoes they found themselves within.

May 2018

$78.31 $101.87 $12,260.64 156.6x
Item Company Detail Paid Tagged Retail Color Origin
4,575 Oxxford Clothes Fawnskin 19.97 24.99 4,575.00 Grey USA
Dress Jackets
5,195 Oxxford Clothes Emperor’s Cashmere 7.98 9.99 5,195.00 Yellow USA
493 Armani, Giorgio A|X 7.98 9.99 98.00 Black China
Ermenegildo Zegna ~Soft~ 7.98 9.99 395.00 Tan Italy
525 Versace Classic V2 9.39 12.99 525.00 Grey Italy
990 Ermenegildo Zegna Z 5.59 6.99 695.00 Tan Portugal
Samuelsohn Super 110s 3.49 6.99 295.00 Black Canada
390 Canali 1.59 1.99 200.00 Yellow Italy
Turnbull & Asser 1.59 1.99 190.00 Silver England
63 Glass Dome 3.99 4.99 13.82 USA
Shoe Rack Shoe rack 6.38 7.99 48.82 Wooden USA
BLKSmith Shoe tree 1.19 1.49 15.00 Cedar USA
BLKSmith Shoe tree 1.19 1.49 15.00 Cedar USA

Key Words: BLKSmith, Canali, Ermenegildo Zegna, Giorgio Armani, Goebel, M.I. Hummel, Oxxford Clothes, Samuelsohn, Tom Ford, Turnbull & Asser, Versace