June 2018 Summary

Logo GoodwillBuyer.com smallThe weather is beginning to heat up for the summer time and winter clothing is beginning to show up at the thrift stores. Overcoats, trench coats, sweaters, and more are good items to look for to store up for the upcoming winter a few months away. Think ahead! Once again, I was able to hit the magic triple digit number of having my monthly collection show a retail value of 117.7 times my purchase price. It’s a good feeling to be able to set lofty goals and meet them.

Treasures – Every month has their treasures and although the pickings were fewer than usual, only twenty-six items, there were a few worth mentioning. For less than a five-dollar bill, I was able to locate a cashmere / angora blend Ermenegildo Zegna dress jacket. It is best described as “butter soft”. One other jacket is from a favorite company I have grown to respect; Oxxford Clothes. This navy suit jacket is everything you would expect from this country’s better tailors with a heritage going way back.   One other name I have seldom seen but worth many goose bumps is from Luciano Barbera. These pair of brown pants match the brown jacket from the same company and will look great next week at work. One of my all time favorite names in neck ties is that of Hermès in part due to the scarcity of such an item. This beautiful, last minute $180 tie was purchased for $2.24!

Dress Jackets – A grey dress jacket from Burberrys’ with silver metal buttons showing the Burberry Equestrian Knight and word Prorsum were a definite pickup for me. This is another seldom seen item in my area as this is the very best from this well-known British company.

The blend of cashmere and angora produces a super soft and light but very warm suit jacket. Put the label of Ermenegildo Zegna on it and you have a fantastic suit jacket that will put a smile on any gentleman’s face. The $3,200 jacket was picked up for half price of only $4.99. A bargain in anyone’s pocket book.

One of my very favorite suit companies is the Chicago based bespoke producing high quality clothier Oxxford Clothes. Their suits can be found at Neiman Marcus or you can have one to your own designs made just for you. They start around four thousand dollars and one gentleman walked out with a bespoke suit costing him right around $63,000. The navy Gibbons 28tn Notch jacket was a bit wrinkled and missing a beautiful metal button with their coat of arms on it but I am sure I will be able to find a replacement and have it sewn on in no time. What a great buy for less than eight dollars that cost someone a retail value of $4,575!

Shirts – Nine shirts were located with some great names this month. One of my favorite brands is that from the Italian company Canali. Three shirts just my size were placed quickly in the basket with this name showing proudly inside the collar.

Another Italian shirt maker that I was not able to determine the name of but knew the quality was worth picking up looks something like “Enzo Mantinias”. Not sure about the name but I am sure how well it fits and looks.

Ermenegildo Zegna always comes through with some high quality shirts and I was able to locate a beautiful blue one just my size. They also had their name on an off brand I have never seen from Gritti. My curiosity got the best of me on this one and I had to take it home to see how well it worked in my collection.

Lorenzini is another high quality Italian shirt maker that is hard to pass up as these hand-made clothing items are well made and fit my frame just right.

Luciano Barbera is a name relatively rare to be found in my area and is a must to pick up when the size is close at best. This brand is considered to be on the higher rungs of the ladder of high-end clothing and went immediately into the buggy.

Another rare find in the shirt category are those from Oxxford Clothes. This company is best known for their quality and specialty made suits.

Sweater – It isn’t often I find a clothing item from Ermenegildo Zegna that isn’t a tie, shirt of a suit but you know the quality of a sweater is well made when you find the name on a sweater. This grey 1/3rd zipper sweater will keep me warm when the weather begins to cool down in a few months.

Pants – Always a great item to find with the names you like to see are high-end trousers. I was able to located two such items this month with the names of Ermenegildo Zegna with their Traveller μicronsphere and a pair of brown Luciano Barbera from Louis of Boston. Two names I always look for when cruising through the rows of trousers hanging with their hard to find labels. The Luciano Barbera pair matches very well with a brown jacket of the same name picked up last month.

Ties – I have been limiting my purchase of ties to only those that have a name I rarely see or of a higher brand that denotes the best quality in workmanship. I found four such neck ties this month. Coach is a name you seldom associate with men’s clothing but the quality and appearance are certainly worth picking up. A five star Ermenegildo Zegna couture dark blue tie was a given to find its way into my selective list of ties. The name of Sartori was found on a thick, black and gold checkerboard tie that will look great with any brown suit. One name that is at the top of my list is Stefano Ricci. This company is at the highest rung of the high-end ladder and you know that it is the best quality you will find anywhere. A beautiful blue tie was located and is on my list of look-at-me-first ties. A last minute surprise during a quick jump into a local Goodwill brought out a beautiful Hermès tie. When I was checking out, the couple behind heard me talking about the tie with the cashier and the lady had to see that it was real and that you could “actually find such a thing in this store.” That put a big smile on the cashier’s face.

Accessories – One of my hobbies that I’ve neglected the past number of years is that of sketching with pen and ink and water coloring. I was looking for a long frame to use for a landscape I have planned and found the perfect item. You can always find that perfect selection you need if you have time and patience to look through several of your Goodwill stores. All I need now is a large piece of water color paper to fit the size of the frame and the time to get it done.

Another strange item I have been looking for recently is a wooden cabinet with a glass front to protect and show some of the Goebel M.I. Hummel figurines I have been able to find for a great price. For a little more than a ten-dollar bill, I ran across just what I needed to enclose many of the older and larger Hummel figurines that were sitting out on the table in the living room. Now, the eighty plus year old pieces of art work are well protected.

Speaking of Hummels, I was able to find two of the older, hard to find, Crowns that I have been looking for. These two were purchased for a collective price of only $9.99 and have a combined retail value, according to a 2017 listing, of $925. That’s almost 1/100th the value. This was one of my better finds in this category. One of these is a larger version of the Village Boy with a marking of 51/I and the Crown incised in the base while the other is the Globe Trotter, number 79 but predates the marking of the figurines placing it with a production date of right around 1935.

These are becoming very scarce and well worth picking up, especially for the comparative price of a $5 Starbucks coffee. The kids coudn’t care less what grandma found so charming or about the artistry and labor that goes into each of these and you can find large collections at yard sales and the thrift stores for a great price.

HummelGifts.com has the following information about the current versions: “Hummel figures have stood for the highest manufacturing art for decades: each figure is handled up to 1,200 times to create the perfect “Hummel”. Each Hummel figurine consists of up to 40 individual parts. The production of a “Hummel” is done with the highest precision and without exception by hand.” I have a renewed respect for these expensive figurines.

I bought a like-new Fender guitar a short while back at the local Goodwill store and had it restrung per suggestion of a friend and it sounds fantastic now. Since it is such a nice instrument, it needed a protective cover and for $4.79, I found just what I was looking for to place the large musical instrument in to keep the dust off and make it easier to carry.

The last item I needed was a soft small towel to wipe down my automobile with due to the amount of dust we have to put up with in the area where I live. There is a lot of construction going on nearby and the dust settles on everything outside during the week. This towel, when moistened, will do just what I need to keep my car looking good through the rest of the week.

Be sure to check out the page of comparison prices for categories such as pants, shirts, shoes, suits, sweaters and ties. This page offers many valuable tools that I find convenient when looking up a name as to whether it is worth purchasing or putting back on the rack.

June 2018

$137.162 $179.46 $16,148.43 117.7x
Item Company Detail Paid Tagged Retail Color Origin
Dress Jackets
9,960 Burberrys’ Prorsum 7.48 9.99 2,190.00 Grey USA
Ermenegildo Zegna Cashgora 4.99 9.99 3,195.00 Grey Switzerland
Oxxford Clothes Gibbons 2Btn Notch 7.98 9.99 4,575.00 Navy USA
2,920 Canali 5.59 6.99 345.00 Orange Italy
Canali 5.24 6.99 345.00 Blue Italy
Canali 5.24 6.99 345.00 Blue Italy
Enzo Mantinias 7.98 9.99 200.00 Blue Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Sport 5.59 6.99 385.00 Grey Romania
Gritti 5.99 6.99 180.00 Blue Turkey
Lorenzini Neiman Marcus 5.59 6.99 295.00 Blue Italy
Luciano Barbera Louis Boston 5.59 6.99 425.00 Blue Italy
Oxxford Clothes 5.24 6.99 400.00 Blue USA
450 Ermenegildo Zegna Z 5.59 6.99 450.00 Blue Italy
890 Ermenegildo Zegna Traveller μicronsphere 7.18 8.99 495.00 Black Portugal
Luciano Barbera Louis Boston 5.59 6.99 395.00 Brown Italy
915 Coach 4.49 5.99 125.00 Brown Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna couture collection 3.19 3.99 275.00 Blue Italy
Hermès 7021 TA 2.24 2.99 180.00 Blue Italy
Sartori 1.00 1.99 59.90 Orange Italy
Stefano Ricci 1.75 5.70 275.00 Blue Italy
1,014 Frame Frame 7.98 9.99 35.55 Silver USA
Glass Case Glass case 10.38 12.99 36.99 Wood USA
Goebel Hummel 51/I Village Boy 5.00 5.00 550.00 White Germany
Goebel Hummel 79 Globe Trotter 4.99 4.99 375.00 White Germany
Guitar cover Fabric case 4.79 5.99 14.99 Black USA
JC Penny towel 0.49 0.99 1.00 Orange USA

Knowing your brands, as to which command a greater return on your investment, is good business sense. Become familiar with the brands that sell well or have long lasting international respect and when you find them in good condition, they will bring you a good net satisfaction. Good luck with your Goodwill hunting.

Key words: Burberrys’, Canali, Coach, Enzo Mantinias, Ermenegildo Zegna, Goebel M.I. Hummel, Gritti, Hermès, Lorenzini, Luciano Barbera, Oxxford Clothes, Sartori, Stefano Ricci