March 2019 Summary

Logo small     The month of March has historically been about average as far as the amount retail recorded but below the number of items located. This shows up with the percentage of the retail being only 58 times what I paid based on the prices located online. This is balanced however, by the type and quality of items as well as the brands I was able to find this past month.

Treasures – If a designer’s name can be equated to quality, then I found some of the better lines of clothing and treasures this time around. I typically seek out the Italian and French brand names but this month was a bit different with some great American labels. Of course, you can’t go wrong with brand names like Armani, Brioni, Burberry, Canali, Dolce & Gabbana, Ermenegildo Zegna Eton, Fendi, Gucci, Hermès, Loro Piana, Luciano Barbera, M.I. Hummel, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Vera Wang, Versace, or Yves Saint Laurent but you might also want to consider some a little closer to home. Labels from this side of the Atlantic you may wish to consider might be Allen Edmonds, Coach, Dan Post, Justin, Luccehese, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Pampered Chef, Resistol, and of course Tom Ford. I was able to find all of these treasured names and more. Read on for more details.

Dress Jackets – There are two names that generally come up when you speak with men being well dressed and these might include Giorgio Armani and Ermenegildo Zegna. These two gentlemen have made quite an impact on the way men present themselves in a better light. These two names came up on nice examples of their brand with a black Armani jacket made in Italy and a black Su Misura jacket by Zegna from Switzerland. The quality is evident and reflects immediately when you have your arms outstretched within the soft woolen coverings.

Shirts – Twenty-one shirts made up the fantastic selection of a mix between dress shirts and those you would find on someone riding a horse. In alphabetical order, here is what could be found and selected this month: Canali, Dolce & Gabbana, Ermenegildo Zegna (6), Eton (4), Gucci, Luccehese (3), Luciano Barbera, Ralph Lauren Purple Label (2), Tom Ford and Vera Wang.

     The light blue Tom Ford shirt had a very worn label but was clear that it had to go into the shopping cart no matter the condition, especially for a low price of $4.99. This was the first Tom Ford of any item I have run across and was quite an exciting experience.

     It goes without saying that any time I see the five letters GUCCI that it is a good day. I read that this brand is internationally recognized above all others and for good reason. The shirt will help my appearance if for no other reason than that of the continual smile you will see on my face when wearing it.

     Dolce & Gabbana is not only on the forefront of creativity but they also produce some really great quality merchandise. A white dress shirt of this brand was located in an out-of-the-way store, one I will frequent more often now.

     Six Ermenegildo Zegna dress shirts were selected ranging in price from $2.25 to $6.39 each. Not a bad price for shirts ranging from $345 to $450 at Neiman Marcus.

     I love the look and feel of the shirts made by the company Eton. Four of these had just been added to the clothes rack while I was shopping.

     Luccehese is well known for having the highest quality in Western boots and this transcends on to their shirts as well. Three more shirts were located in the same store this time. This apparel goes right along with the hat and boots picked up this past month.

     The purple label that is visible on the inside collar of Ralph Lauren shirts jumps right out at you after you have seen one or two and realize that this is his best line of quality clothing. Two such shirts jumped right into my buggy from the same store that is known for finding the higher end clothing. I’ve noticed recently that there are several other companies that have begun copying the purple theme denoting this as their better line of quality. Be careful and read the label before placing the article of clothing in your buggy.

Sweaters – The three sweaters all came from Ermenegildo Zegna with one being a lush tan pure cashmere, another a 1/3rd zipper black and the third being a beautiful mix of colors that was quickly claimed within the family. Each of these has a list price in the range of $800 to $900.

Pants – The pickings for the trousers this month were on the upper end of the scale with the three Loro Piana brand retailing for close to $1,000 each. My total for the three Italian pair was $10.50.

     I am always excited to find the name of Brioni proudly blazoned inside the waistline of any pair of slacks but especially those of a pair of dress pants. These $850 tan wool slacks fit perfectly and are smooth as silk.

     Another brand that fits just right all the time is that of Canali. They have just the right colors to match most of my dress jackets as well. Many times you will find a very nice jacket but the pants have been worn down much quicker.

     This was not the case with a pair of brown Ermenegildo Zegna Trofeo trousers. The color matches very well a Zegna Trofeo jacket I’ve been looking for a pair of pants to match.

     My cost for these seven high end pants was $36.55 and would have pushed me back $5,435 if I had purchased them new at the retail store.

Ties – Fifteen ties were the count this month. My cost was $53.27 for the $3,095 set if I had paid retail. The brands I was lucky to find were as follows: Alfred Dunhill, Burberrys (2), Ermenegildo Zegna, Fendi, Gucci, Mario Borelli, Prada, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Versace (2) and Yves Saint Laurent (4). Interestingly, I noticed that the Yves Saint Laurent were made in China which was quite a shocker for me.

Shoes – This was quite a mix of the high end dress shoes and the down to Earth Western cowboy boots. Allen Edmonds is always a favorite since they are right in there as the most comfortable shoes I have measured by how my feet feel at the end of a rough work day.

     Another lucky find was a beautiful, older pair of brown Salvatore Ferragamo Akon penny loafers. These look good with almost any dress suit.

     I then found four Dan Post boots, two of which I can wear quite comfortably with one of the others going to one of my daughters and the other ready for a quick sale.

     There was then one pair of black Justin Roadhouse exotics that I picked up for $3.50.

     The last pair of boots were a very lucky find since they are considered the “Cadillac” of Western wear boots; Lucchese 1883 snip toes. I’ll definitely be looking for this brand a bit more carefully in the near future.

Accessories – This category is always fun to report on since it is the wildcard of the group. My daughters have taught me to differentiate between the real Burberry Haymarket plaid and the “wantabees”. I was fortunate to locate a medium size purse including a vintage wallet. The checkout clerk couldn’t believe the two were one price until I showed her the “2 of 2” on the ticket. I picked up the $2,150 combo for $20.
     A small LED penlight comes in handy in a darkened corner of a store when looking a details and this was the case that revealed the faint Coach brand stamped inside a leather belt. The $95 belt was picked up for the full price of $5.99.
     It is not always the stores in the best locations that have the items in most demand. I seldom frequent one such store but was lucky enough to be at the right place just after a Hermès Grand Manege scarf was placed in the jewelry counter. It was well worth $15.99 and will make that certain someone a very special birthday gift coming up this summer.
     M.I. Hummel figurines are an art form that has lost favor with the upcoming generation it is reported. The grand children are not interested in their grandmother’s collection so these usually hit the stores in mass at times. Although the price for the new items is hitting records, you can still find some of the prized pieces for great prices. Make sure there isn’t any damage to the porcelain kids though. I located five beautiful Hummels for $129.64 that appraised for $2,845. This keeps me interested in creating a collection I hope my grandkids will appreciate one of these days. My interest in this has branched out to set up an educational website to show the value of these pieces of handcrafted art forms that can now be located at the web address
     If you are into cooking to any degree (high or low), you are familiar with the quality stoneware Pampered Chef. Food just tastes better when cooked or baked in this heavy, tan hardened cookware. I found another piece, a bean dip bowl to add to my growing collection. The $55 piece was picked up for two dollars. I already have one but this might come in handy for a present or to loan out.
     To go with the collection of quality Western boots I have been fortunate enough to locate, there appeared a black Resistol 7X beaver cowboy hat hanging on a rack near the necktie assortment. There was no price on it but I knew the brand was one to pay attention to and the fact that it was of beaver meant it would probably outlast me. Since it didn’t have a price tag on it, they quickly added one seeing that the hat wasn’t in top notch condition making me a fantastic price of only $4.99. I took the hat to Boot Barn and, after they steamed it and conditioned it for thirty minutes for free, it looked fantastic. A great deal for a $430 hat!

March 2019 $574.61 $736.03 $32,966.69 57.4x
Item Company Detail Paid Tagged Retail Color Origin
Dress Jackets
5,470 Armani, Giorgio 13.49 17.99 1,295.00 Black Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Su Misura 10.99 10.99 4,175.00 Black Switzerland
7,320 Canali 1934 6.39 7.99 345.00 Blue Italy
Dolce & Gabbana 14.99 14.99 395.00 White Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna City 3.50 6.99 345.00 Black Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Sport 2.25 4.49 385.00 Brown Romania
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 6.39 7.99 345.00 Black Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 3.50 6.99 450.00 White Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 3.50 6.99 450.00 Grey Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 4.50 8.99 450.00 Green Italy
Eton Contemporary 6.39 7.99 255.00 Blue Romania
Eton Contemporary 5.59 6.99 275.00 Purple Romania
Eton Contemporary 6.39 7.99 245.00 Pink Romania
Eton Contemporary 6.39 7.99 275.00 Blue Romania
Gucci 10.00 19.99 660.00 Blue Italy
Luccehese 1883 7.49 9.99 150.00 Brown China
Luccehese 1883 7.49 9.99 150.00 Brown China
Luccehese 1883 12.99 12.99 150.00 Brown China
Luciano Barbera 6.99 6.99 425.00 Blue Italy
Ralph Lauren Purple Label 7.49 9.99 395.00 Black England
Ralph Lauren Purple Label 6.50 12.99 395.00 Brown Italy
Tom Ford Spread collar 4.99 4.99 710.00 Blue Switzerland
Vera Wang SimplyVera 4.49 4.49 70.00 Grey Jordan
2,580 Ermenegildo Zegna Pure Cashmere 5.59 6.99 895.00 Tan Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Zegna Sport 9.99 9.99 895.00 Black Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna 12.99 12.99 790.00 Blue Italy
5,435 Brioni Cannes 3.50 6.99 850.00 Tan Italy
Canali Pantalone 4.99 4.99 425.00 Tan Italy
Canali Pantalone 10.39 12.99 425.00 Grey Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Trofeo 7.19 8.99 750.00 Brown Portugal
Loro Piana cotton trousers 3.50 6.99 995.00 Brown Italy
Loro Piana thick wool trousers 3.50 6.99 995.00 grey Italy
Loro Piana thick wool trousers 3.50 6.99 995.00 grey Italy
3,095 Alfred Dunhill 2.99 2.99 195.00 Black Italy
Burberrys London 3.99 3.99 190.00 Brown England
Burberrys London 4.49 5.99 190.00 Red USA
Ermenegildo Zegna ***** 2.99 2.99 275.00 Brown Italy
Fendi Cravatte 5.99 5.99 200.00 Brown Italy
Gucci 4.49 5.99 200.00 Red Italy
Mario Borelli 4.99 4.99 85.00 Blue USA
Prada Milano 4.99 4.99 195.00 Grey Italy
Ralph Lauren Purple Label 3.99 3.99 235.00 Gold England
Versace, Gianni V2 2.39 2.99 275.00 Red Italy
Versace, Gianni V2 2.39 2.99 275.00 Red Italy
Yves Saint Laurent 2.39 2.99 195.00 Red China
Yves Saint Laurent 2.39 2.99 195.00 Red China
Yves Saint Laurent 2.39 2.99 195.00 Blue China
Yves Saint Laurent 2.39 2.99 195.00 Blue China
3,065 Allen Edmonds Stockbridge 7.99 7.99 425.00 Black USA
Dan Post Milwaukee Western 22.49 29.99 169.95 Red USA
Dan Post Raleigh lizard skin 15.00 29.99 299.95 Black USA
Dan Post Raleigh lizard skin boot 15.99 19.99 299.95 Black USA
Dan Post Renegade 15.99 19.99 169.95 Brown USA
Justin Roadhouse exotic 3.50 12.00 309.95 Black USA
Lucchese 1883 snip toe boot 19.99 24.99 495.00 Brown USA
Ferragamo Akon 2 Penny loafer 9.99 9.99 895.00 Brown Italy
5,005 Burberry Med. Banner 10.00 25.00 1,690.00 Brown England
Burberry Cont. Wallet 10.00 25.00 460.00 Brown England
Coach Brown plain belt 5.99 5.99 95.00 Brown Turkey
Hermès Grand Manegè scarf 15.99 19.99 415.00 Red France
Hummel Apple Tree Boy – 142/I 10.00 10.00 250.00 Tan Germany
Hummel Crossroads – 331 TMK7 51.00 51.00 525.00 Tan Germany
Hummel Puppy Love – 1 12.59 12.59 219.95 Tan Germany
Hummel Stormy Weather – 71 41.20 41.20 1,350.00 Tan Germany
Hummel Strolling Along – 5 14.85 14.85 500.00 Tan Germany
Pampered Chef Bean dip bowl 2.00 3.99 55.00 Tan USA
Resistol W420 7x beaver 4.99 4.99 429.99 Black USA
Rug Brown, small rug 3.99 3.99 12.00 Brown China

     Knowing your brands in each category of interest, as to which will command a greater return on your investment, is good business sense. Become familiar with the products that sell well or have a long lasting international respect and when you find them in good condition, they will bring you a good net satisfaction. Good luck with your Goodwill hunting.

Key words: Alfred Dunhill, Allen Edmonds, Armani, Brioni, Burberrys, Canali, Coach, Dan Post, Dolce & Gabbana, Ermenegildo Zegna Eton, Fendi, Ferragamo, Gucci, Hermès, Justin, Loro Piana, Luccehese, Luciano Barbera, M.I. Hummel, Mario Borelli, Prada, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Pampered Chef, Resistol, Su Misura, Tom Ford, Trofeo, Vera Wang, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent.