May 2019 Summary

Logo small     For the purchases in the area Goodwill stores, only 16 items with an average retail of about 24.4 times as much as I paid were purchased this month but the names were certainly noteworthy. This month was quite scarce in the number of purchases as compared to any month preceding it due to some unexpected expenses as well as the lack of time to cruise through the waves of cotton and wool. As with any visit to the local Goodwill stores, there were a number of hidden surprises just waiting to be uncovered. I was quite surprised as to the retail value of some of the items following as you will see.

Treasures – There were two primary items I consider to be treasures. You know, a treasure is something that has lasting value and in most cases can be passed down through the generations. These gems begin with two distinctive and well-known names in their respective circles: Patek Philippe and M.I. Hummel.

         I located the fifth of five volumes of the Patek Philippe 2018 Collection Volume V to complete my set of this series up to the current publication. It sells for $658.72 and I was able to find it still in the factory sealed plastic for a total of $41.34. This is the most I have paid for one of the books of this series but was well worth it since I have read the previous four cover to cover of the 300+ pages each. The other Patek Philippe item is the 16-250 watch movement without the watch case or strap I purchased purely out of curiosity to view such perfect expertise in the field of handmade watches. More on this further down.

         The other name I became familiar with is that of M.I. Hummel initially created by the German firm Goebel. These porcelain figurines were created beginning in the year 1935 from the drawings of the Catholic nun Maria Innocentia Hummel. They now command a very high price and are quite collectible. Six of these were picked up earlier for a fantastic price and have increased the interest with my family and friends in the already growing collection to be handed down to the next generation.

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Shirts – There were two shirts that had to be picked out of the huge collection available. The small number is a result of the large numbers accumulated earlier. There simply isn’t room in the closet for another folded piece of cotton. The $350 Burberry with its Haymarket plaid was an easy pick and had just been placed on the rack when I followed in behind the lady placing these for general consumption. She laughed when she saw my expression after seeing the British label. The other shirt was a no brainer due to the scarcity in the area I live. This is my Alma Mata and I wear the red with pride. Roll Tide, Alabama!

Pants – With more than a quarter million miles under my belt on motorcycles, I know the value of a good pair of leather pants. This, like new, $400 pair from Wilson’s Leather in my size was quickly picked up for less than seven dollars. This pair of pants didn’t appear to have been worn any at all, no scratches, smudges or smears whatsoever. With a name like Wilson’s Leather, I was surprised that they were still hanging on the rack before I found them. What a buy.

Shoes – For a total of less than $25, I was able to select three pair of top quality Western boots that retail for a corresponding $590 retail. Two of the pair were from Tony Lama, one being a round toe boot and the other a 11” Stockman boot. The third boot was a Justin Classic Roper boot, a good ranch working footwear for around the coral. These are quite valuable for working around animals and rough weather. It is nice to have several pair of well fitting boots to match the color of your outfit and to make sure you rotate your selection so that you don’t wear the same pair two days in a row.

Accessories – Ever since I found my first piece of Pampered Chef stoneware and learned how great food is when cooked on this valuable piece of cookware, I’ve been keeping an eye out for the easy to recognize tan stoneware. I now have eleven pieces and here too am running out of room to store them where they are easy to grab when the occasion dictates it. Two additional pieces now adorn my pantry with a 12½ inch round baking bowl with handles and a 4 mini-loaf bread pan. The kitchen never smelled as good as it does now.

         Patek Philippe arguably makes the finest time pieces in the world and I never thought I would own anything with this name on it that once adorned someone’s wrist. I found a small round box with the movement of a tiny woman’s watch within and walked away with it for less than a five-dollar bill. The Patek-Philippe 16-250 watch movement is known to be one of the smaller, if not the smallest, movements created by this company and with it being about the size of a penny and only 2½ mm thick, I believe it. The company reports that Queen Elizabeth owns a watch with this very same movement within. Some additional information I found was, “16-250 is a mechanical caliber with manual winding; this is Patek’s smallest movement, designed especially for ladies’ watches; 18 jewels; 28,800 vph, 4 Hz; power reserve approx. 38 hours, 101 parts, height 2.5mm, diameter 16.3mm, bridges 4, Balance: annulaire, displays hours and minutes, Hallmark: Patek Philippe Seal.” Reference.

         One other item I purchased is a brand new book from the museum of Patek Philippe, still within the protective plastic, the latest of a set of five that alone retails for $658.72. I now have all five of the set of 300+ pages each of this magnificent collection of hard back books published by Patek Philippe. Now that I own a small example of their workmanship, this collection means all the more to me. “These publications – from a detailed catalog to a unique book for a unique watch – contribute to a greater appreciation of horology and increase the pleasure of owning a fine watch. They will form the nucleus of every collector’s library.”

         As an art form, the M.I. Hummel figurines popularity has declined over the past couple of decades but the value of the hard to find items has since increased to the same degree. It is amazing how those little porcelain children that our grandparents collected have since lost some of their appeal with the younger generations but I predict that this will reverse itself and I am having a good time finding some worthy and beautiful pieces for some comparatively low prices. Six of the latest figurines I was fortunate to locate are the HUM 43 March Winds, HUM 114 Let’s Sing, HUM 139 Flitting Butterfly, HUM 251 A & B bookends, HUM 340 Letter to Santa and a very nice HUM 387 Valentine Gift. Two of these are the older versions, TMK-2, which were created shortly after 1945 and not as plentiful as the more recent versions. My investment of about $150 is worth a current value of about $2,735. As an art form, where each piece is handled by many artists with hours of painstaking detail, the beautiful workmanship increases their value as they grow older.

         The following chart shows how much was paid for each item, the tagged price before my discount and the retail price of that article or one similar to it if I could not find the exact item. A local community college uses this website in their fashion courses for the students to familiarize themselves with the price comparisons of the different brands as well as some of the details I have been able to find in one easy to use web site.

May 2019 $268.51 $281.50 $6,562.48 24.4x  
Item Company Detail Paid Tagged Retail Color Origin
25 Burberry London 9.74 12.99 350.00 Blue USA
Fanatics Alabama Crimson Tide 4.99 4.99 24.99 Red Honduras
400 Wilson’s Leather Pelle Studio 6.74 8.99 400.00 Black China
590 Justin Classic Roper boot 4.99 4.99 139.95 Brown USA
Tony Lama round toe boot 5.99 5.99 199.95 Brown USA
Tony Lama 11″ Stockman boot 13.49 17.99 249.95 Black USA
5,198 M.I. Hummel HUM 043 March Winds 18.98 18.98 210.00 Tan Germany
M.I. Hummel HUM 114 Let’s Sing 23.00 23.00 350.00 Tan Germany
M.I. Hummel HUM 139 Flitting Butterfly 18.25 18.25 250.00 Tan Germany
M.I. Hummel HUM 251AB Bookends 45.99 45.99 900.00 Tan Germany
M.I. Hummel HUM 340 Letter to Santa 32.00 32.00 425.00 Tan Germany
M.I. Hummel HUM 387 Valentine Gift 19.60 19.60 600.00 Tan Germany
Pampered Chef 12.5″ round baking bowl 5.24 6.99 39.00 Tan USA
Pampered Chef 4 loaf mini bread pan 3.74 4.99 64.97 Tan USA
Patek Philippe 16-250 watch movement 14.42 14.42 1,699.95 Silver Switzerland
Patek Philippe Collection Volume V 2018 41.34 41.34 658.72 Brown Switzerland

         Knowing your brands in each category of interest, as to which will command a greater return on your investment, is good business sense. Become familiar with the products that sell well or have a long lasting international respect and when you find them in good condition, they will bring you a good net satisfaction. Good luck with your Goodwill hunting.

Key Words: Burberry, Fanatics, Justin, M.I. Hummel, Pampered Chef, Patek Philippe, Tony Lama, Wilson’s Leather