September 2019 Summary

Logo small     September is typically a bit short of great items, but this month was exceptional. I spent right at the budget limit and though the retail was only 36.4 times what I paid; the collected items rate up there with some of the best.

Treasures – I am quite surprised as to the certain stores where I find a variety of gems that keep me attached to the afternoon visits. First on the list must be the Ralph Lauren purple label pen striped suit I had to piece together since the pants were separated from the jacket.

     Next on the list would certainly be the Brioni French cuff white dress shirt. You just don’t get any better than this brand when it comes to men’s wear.

     Karl Lagerfeld’s shirt comes in right among these treasures since he is known world wide for his associations with Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Balmain, Fendi and previously as the creative director designer for clothing house Chanel.

     It is one thing to find a rare name that comes close to fitting you but it is quite another when you can find a perfect fit in a dress jacket with a top brand like Samuelsohn.

     DolcePunta is a name worth remembering due to the quality and scarcity of clothing items to be found. The tie I found lists as the highest in my collection with a retail price of $330.

Suits – Due to the fact that dress suits are taking up so much room and another that I have many more than I need, my tastes have had to become much more refined and selective. I still run my hand through the racks at each store checking the neck label for the all-important tag “Made in Italy” and pulling the jacket open to see who’s label graces the inside below the pocket but it has to be quite a nice find or one just my size; 43 long.

     Two such items fit this category. One is a dark brown Burberrys’ suit that fits very well in both the length of arms and legs as well as the chest. More importantly, it fits the wallet with a price of only $14.38. Most of the time I find that the pants become separated and is well worth the time to take the jacket with you when looking for the matching trousers.

     The second suit is a purple label Ralph Lauren chocolate brown with vertical pen stripes made in England. I have the identical black version of this suit and it certainly gets attention with its angle cut pockets and Italian fit.

Dress Jacket – The company Samuelsohn is well known on the East Coast and Europe but not as well-known elsewhere. The quality is outstanding, and in this case, the fit was spot on. The navy jacket will look great with a matching pair of pants or even a pair of khakis for those less formal times.

Shirts – A total of fourteen shirts were located that found their way into my buggy this month. Listed in alphabetical order are the Brioni, Canali 1934, Canali Sportswear, Charles Tyrwhitt (3), Eton, Karl Lagerfeld, Lululemon Athletica (3), Lululemon Engineered warmth, Lululemon Evolution LS Polo, and the Rag & Bone Tailored Workwear.

     My favorite of all brands of shirts is that from Brioni. Although I paid a bit more for this shirt, it was still worth paying 1/20th the retail price for one of the best brand shirts in the world.

     Canali brought in two very nice shirts, one was a 1934 dress blue and another was a sportswear linen.

     A large surprise find was the Karl Lagerfeld, better known in the world of fashion as a designer. He has his own line and this shirt caused a fight between my daughters as to who would fit best in it. It’s still in my possession to avoid any further fighting. It is a strange looking shirt with a silky shirt sewn within the raggedy outer shirt.

     I paid too much for the five Lululemon shirts in comparison as to what they cost but this name is picked up almost as soon as it is put out in the jewelry case in the stores. Once again, this caused some shuffling between the two daughters. Luckily, I have a variety to suit their two different sizes.

     Rag & Bone is produced in Asian countries but sold in Neiman Marcus and thereby very much sought after. This $225 shirt is another good name to look for since it only cost $5.24.

Sweaters – The white Lululemon hoodie is certainly well made and even has a hidden pocket on the back for hiding your cell phone or a snack for later on. This item was quickly claimed by a family member but I believe I’ll keep this one for myself!

Right now, anything with the Tesla logo on it sells quite readily. I was able to put my hands on two of these black sweaters.

     Another quick pickup was the green Valentino Studio v-neck. This brand has been a popular worldwide name for many decades and still demands respect as a top notch quality clothing house.

Pants – When I find a pair of Burberry trousers my length and waist size, they automatically go in the buggy. I already have more pairs of pants in this name than any man deserves but it is nice to be able to match a shirt or suit perfectly by holding it against the variety of shades of colors stacked one upon another. Eight dollars is well spent money on a like-new pair of $450 black pants.

Ties – Surprisingly, only four neckties were picked out from the sea of silk at each store. One of the store managers proudly said that I had some stiff competition with another that spent many a day each week going through the better brands. I believe it.

     I was however, able to locate a top brand few people know about, that being the name of DolcePunta. This $330 bright yellow silk tie was picked up for less than two dollars. The three other ties were from Ermenegildo Zegna (2) and a new name of Fellini.

Shoes – I needed some “flip flops” to slip into when walking my daughters’ dogs and she recommended the Teva Original Mush pair to me. They look and feel great.

     A pair of black $475 Brunomagli Ranuncolo dress shoes should look good on my feet, especially for the $7.49 paid.

     Two pair of boots were located. A very nice pair of black Dan Post Miller Round Toe and a brand-new pair of black Nocona Brownwood will make great presents for some birthdays coming up.

Accessories – The Phoenix Art Museum in Arizona is a top notch museum and this book proves it with its colorful and heavy photographs of the permanent collections. The little ceramic bear in a sweater is from Boyds Bears and is collected by a family member. I needed a couple of towels to wipe down the car and found these two, like new green hand towels that fit that requirement. The old cedar Griffin Shinemaster shoe box was packed full of expensive ingredients to keep the foot leather healthy and looking good. A good pair of black John W. Nordstrom thin high quality socks always has a special place in the sock drawer. Always an eye catcher are the M.I. Hummel figurines, especially the older ones made before World War II. These six were a quick pickup. A nice leather box to keep the high priced neckties is just the thing for organizing the colorful silk and great for holding next to a suit and shirt to see which blends the best. Pampered Chef brought in three more great items for those special cooking occasions to make the food taste that much better. Lastly, I located two very bright quartz halogen goose neck Regan lamps for those evenings when research is required.

     The following chart shows how much was paid for each item, the tagged price before my discount and a link to the retail price of that article or one similar to it if I could not find the exact item. Use this as an aid in looking up the prices you may find on a similar item.

September 2019

$420 $501 $15,293 36.4x



Detail Paid Tagged Retail Color Origin
4,985 Burberrys’ 14.38 17.98 1,995.00 Brown USA
Ralph Lauren Purple Label 18.38 22.98 2,990.00 Brown England
Dress Jackets
1,198 Samuelsohn SB Como Super 110s 5.24 6.99 1,198.00 Navy Canada
2,866 Brioni 31.99 39.99 625.00 White Italy
Canali 1934 12.99 12.99 475.00 Blue Italy
Canali Sportswear 4.99 4.99 245.00 White Italy
Charles Tyrwhitt Classic Fit 3.99 4.99 110.00 Grey England
Charles Tyrwhitt Non Iron 6.39 7.99 110.00 Blue England
Charles Tyrwhitt Non Iron 6.39 7.99 110.00 Blue England
Eton Wrinkle free 6.39 7.99 275.00 Blue Sweden
Karl Lagerfeld Paris 7.49 9.99 249.00 Grey Turkey
Lululemon Athletica 14.99 19.99 98.00 Grey Canada
Lululemon Athletica 18.74 24.99 98.00 Grey Canada
Lululemon Engineered warmth jacket 14.99 19.99 148.00 Grey Canada
Lululemon Evolution LS Polo 11.24 14.99 98.00 Grey Canada
Rag & Bone Tailored Workwear 5.24 6.99 225.00 Grey China
1,048 Tesla 5.24 6.99 150.00 Black China
Tesla 5.24 6.99 120.00 Black China
Lululemon Athletica 22.49 29.99 148.00 Grey Canada
Valentino Studio V-neck 7.99 7.99 630.00 Green Italy
450 Burberry 7.99 9.99 450.00 Black USA
800 DolcePunta 1.99 1.99 330.00 Yellow Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 1.49 1.99 205.00 Green Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 2.99 2.99 205.00 Brown Italy
Fellini 2.39 2.99 60.00 Brown Italy
964 Allen Edmonds Full toe cedar tree 5.24 6.99 25.00 Cedar USA
Brunomagli Ranuncolo 7.49 9.99 475.00 Black Italy
Dan Post Miller Round Toe 18.74 24.99 179.95 Grey USA
Nocona Brownwood black 14.39 17.99 259.00 Black USA
Teva Original Mush 6.38 2.99 25.00 Grey China
2,983 Abrams Phoenix Art Museum Coll. 2.39 2.99 60.00 Green Hong Kong
Boyds Bears Bear in sweater and hat 2.24 2.99 10.00 Tan China
Canon Green towel 0.74 0.99 4.99 Green USA
Canon Green towel 0.74 0.99 4.99 Green USA
Griffin Shinemaster box 5.99 7.99 75.00 Brown USA
John W. Nordstrom MiniSquare Dot Cotton 1.99 1.99 16.50 Black China
M.I. Hummel Hum 37 Herald Angels 16.01 16.01 450.00 Tan Germany
M.I. Hummel Hum 111/1 Wayside Harmony 20.50 20.50 550.00 Tan Germany
M.I. Hummel Hum 141 Apple Tree Girl 8.00 8.00 375.00 Tan Germany
M.I. Hummel Hum 142 Apple Tree Boy 8.00 8.00 375.00 Tan Germany
M.I. Hummel Hum 314 Confidentially 10.50 10.50 390.00 Tan Germany
M.I. Hummel Hum 399 Valentine Joy 23.57 23.57 300.00 Tan Germany
noname D100 4.49 5.99 89.50 Brown China
Pampered Chef Personal size round stone 3.19 3.99 17.00 Tan USA
Pampered Chef Large Bar Pan 4.99 4.99 40.00 Tan USA
Pampered Chef Large Serving Bowl 4.99 4.99 45.00 Tan USA
Regan Halogen lamp goose neck 4.79 5.99 89.95 Black China
Regan Halogen lamp goose neck 3.19 3.99 89.95 Black China

     You find the best examples when you least expect it and it is great fun to share with others much like yourself. Thank you for reading and good luck with your own search. I hope these posts help you in finding that little gem just waiting to be pulled out from the rest.

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