November 2019 Summary

Logo small     This was a busy month but not with the Goodwill shopping and this was reflected in the month’s total shopping list. The twenty-nine items cost less than two hundred dollars total but netted almost ten thousand dollars for a little over fifty times my cost. The chart below shows where the money went this past month and this was due in part to the sudden scarcity of high-end products for some reason. I have been checking the website after I learned that most of their good jewelry was being sold in this manner through their auction site. I have yet to find any high-end clothing from this area on their auction block though. Some of the names I regularly look for are not showing up in any quantity at the eighteen or so stores I frequent like Brioni, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Oxxford Clothes, Stefano Ricci or Versace.

Treasures – The name of Isaia is seldom seen in this area where I shop but it is definitely one of those that can make your heart rate increase as they are well known for their attention to fine detail and exceptional quality. One of these beautiful pinstripe jackets was picked up this month as a great example of this workmanship. Two names in the line of shirts, better known for quality and style, were found with the names of Giorgio Armani and Eton. Burberry’s, Canali and Ralph Lauren Purple Label are also a quick pick up when the brand names show up on beautiful dress pants and my size. There were three names of neckties worth mentioning which were located: Brioni, Massimo Bizzocchi and Stefano Ricci. These are just some of the names that are becoming more difficult to find.

Dress Jacket – A beautiful dark gray pinstriped dress jacket created by the fashion house Isaia was located and well worth the unusually high price of thirty-one dollars considering it runs on the retail market for about four thousand. This is an uncommon name located in my area and is not as well known as it should be. Their logo is that of a bright red piece of coral.

Shirts – Four shirts were located; a beautiful Alton & Lane gingham purple (new brand in my collection), a grey dress shirt by Giorgio Armani from his Collezioni series put me back only $4.99, a solid black dress shirt by Eton and a bright yellow fun shirt for my youngest daughter showing the ASU Sun Devils mascot for her favorite university.

Pants – Four pair of dress trousers were grabbed, two of which bring in a retail of well over seven hundred dollars each showing the names of Burberrys’ and Ralph Lauren with the Purple Label. The other two were from Canali, tan and black, always a good fit with their own respectable high retail listing.

Ties – Only nine neckties were picked out from the racks of silk this month with the names of Albert Goldberg, Brioni, Canali, Ermenegildo Zegna, Fendi Roma, Fendi Cravette, Massimo Bizzocchi, Stefano Ricci Firenze and a Yves Saint Laurent Paris PGLR Homme. A good representation of the French and Italian designers!

Shoes – Two pair of Western boots from the well known company Justin were picked out sitting right beside each other and just my size for a total of a little over thirty dollars. One was a pair of black lizard skin and the other was a very soft light tan elk skin, both of which provide great support to my ankles and look great with anything I wear.

Accessories – A beautiful Ryrie black leather study bible quickly found its way into my buggy. I am quite surprised how much a good Christian Bible costs and this is a nice one. Two pair of cedar shoe trees were located, one from Allen Edmonds and the other from Vintage to fit my collection of dress shoes that I need to take better care of. A Bentley’s Finest Tea wooden box with square separations works great for those expensive ties I just picked up and so does the JR Cigar humidor. A humidor is also a great place to store important papers you would like to pass on to the next generations. Two Pampered Chef stoneware items were located, a 12-inch bowl and a 12 muffin pan, always a useful item in any chef’s kitchen. The small Lane cedar box and a Shoeshine Express horsehair brush finish off this month’s collection of useful products.

     The following chart shows how much was paid for each item, the tagged price before my discount and a link to the retail price of that article or one similar to it if I could not find the exact item. Use this as an aid in looking up the prices you may find on a similar item.

November 2019

$192.19 $223.25 $9,729.40


Item Company Detail Paid Tagged Retail Color Origin

Dress Jacket

3,995 Isaia 130’s 31.00 31.00 3,995.00




747 Alton & Lane Gingham 3.99 3.99 135.00 Purple
Armani, Giorgio Collezioni 4.99 4.99 325.00 Grey Italy
Eton 6.99 6.99 275.00 Black Romania
Russell ASU Sun Devils 3.49 3.49 11.99 Yellow Honduras


2,405 Burberrys’ 19.99 24.99 760.00 Tan USA
Canali Pantalone 9.74 12.99 425.00 Tan Italy
Canali Pantalone 3.50 6.99 425.00 Black Italy
Ralph Lauren Purple Label 15.99 19.99 795.00 Grey Italy


1,707 Albert Goldberg Faconnable 1.00 2.99 12.00 Black Italy
Brioni 7.99 7.99 240.00 Brown Italy
Canali 3.74 4.99 230.00 Navy Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna 1.49 1.99 205.00 Navy Italy
Fendi Roma 1.49 1.99 200.00 Red Italy
Fendi Cravette 3.74 4.99 200.00 Red Italy
Massimo Bizzocchi 8.50 8.50 150.00 Silver Italy
Stefano Ricci Firenze 0.99 0.99 275.00 Navy Italy
Yves Saint Laurent Paris PGLR Homme 2.24 2.99 195.00 Red USA


460 Justin Boots Roadhouse exotic 15.20 19.00 309.95 Black USA
Justin Boots Soft elk leather 15.20 19.00 149.99 Tan USA


415 Allen Edmonds Cedar shoe trees 2.24 2.99 25.00 Cedar USA
Bentley’s Finest Teas Wooden box with 6 compartments 1.99 1.99 24.99 Brown USA
JR Cigar Cigar humidor 4.99 4.99 50.00 Wood USA
Lane small cedar box 3.99 3.99 89.00 Tan USA
Pampered Chef 12 muffin stoneware 6.99 6.99 22.00 Tan USA
Pampered Chef 12-inch stoneware bowl 2.99 2.99 25.00 Tan USA
Ryrie Study Bible New American Standard 3.99 3.99 67.99 Black USA
Shoeshine Express horsehair brush 1.49 1.49 13.49 Brown USA
Vintage shoe trees Cedar shoe trees 2.24 2.99 98.00 Wood USA

     You find the best examples when you least expect it and it is great fun to share with others much like yourself. Thank you for reading and good luck with your own search. I hope these posts help you in finding that little gem just waiting to be pulled out from the rest.

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