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$5.99 will buy a lot

Ferragamo-for-5-99If you don’t believe your money will stretch out and buy a lot these days, well then, you haven’t been to your local Goodwill store lately. No, I’m not plugging just the Goodwill but it does pay to spend some time and search out some of the thrift stores in the more lucrative neighborhoods surrounding larger cities of expendable income.

This past month was a good month for individual purchases but two stood out among the many for the price marked $5.99. One was this pair of men’s Salvatore Ferragamo black loafers that sold new for around 100 times as much; $599. The other was a blue and white striped Brioni dress shirt sold at Neiman Marcus. This also sells new for more than 100 times as much listed at $635. I paid $4.79 for the shoes and $5.99 for the shirt. A total of $10.78 for what would have cost, if purchased new, $1,234.

Brioni shirt for $635.Most clothing does not typically hold its value but it does pay to know the better quality, especially when you can buy it for no more than the cheaper quality clothing hanging on the same rack for the same price. I can’t think of a better place to view the variety of selection you have than at thrift stores. Shopping at the local Goodwill stores has become more of a treasure hunt, one that I fully enjoy and even more in sharing with you. Here’s hoping you learn the better quality name brands and have as good or better luck finding them in your size! What have you found for less than six bucks lately?