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A Cool Find – Burberry style

Burberry Prorsum trenchcoatWhat a great way to start the day’s hunt than to find a fantastic article of winter clothing you would not normally be able to purchase due to the extreme cost or even be able to find in your high-end clothing stores. The item I’m referring to is the cool Burberry trench coat which included all of the supplemental items not usually found such as the belt and detachable lining to make it the whole package. This wasn’t your ordinary Burberry brand though, but this was the more desirable hand-crafted cotton Gabardine Prorsum version and it fit perfectly, of course. It appeared as new without a single mark or tear or stain on it and I found it in the women’s section hidden between some other less desirable coats. A good reason to check other sections out of the ordinary. The best part was that it was priced at one of my favorite Goodwill stores with the low price of $49.99. I knew this was a great deal so I grabbed it and made it a new home in my buggy until I could get to the cash register. Of course, I pulled out the monthly 20% off coupon at the end of the search and this brought it down to the more affordable price of $39.99.  I figured the price for a new one would be a few hundred dollars and was very surprised to see that the price on their website of a new one was quite a bit higher; $2,095.00 that is. My case of Goodwillitis has just become much worse. I now have to face the fact that it may be a while before I find another great item that will meet or surpass this cool find.


Wikipedia defines Burberry Prorsum – “The most fashion forward collection, centered around runway shows, providing the design inspiration for the brand”.