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Armani, Brioni & Zegna weekend!

The purpose of this site is to share the fantastic items found on the spontaneous visits to your local Goodwill stores. I’ve been updating my wardrobe with the finer items of clothing due to my proximity to some areas of affluence with patrons willing to part with their expensive items. A general rule of thumb is to not buy anything if I’m not willing to part with something else it is intended to replace. The idea behind this is to continually exchange an item of clothing with another of better quality. The lesser item finds its way to either the nearest Goodwill or eBay to help defray the cost of this venture.

If I adhere to this idea, the past weekend will require that I pull out a great number of items to “exchange” due to finding the following at a couple of my favorite haunts:

Giorgio Armani – Collezioni, charcoal colored pinstripe from Italy – $10.89 (895)
– Brioni – sold by Battaglia (Rodeo Drive), brown pinstripe from Italy – $12.99 (5,175)

– Giorgio Armani – MANI, charcoal 2-button from Italy – $4.99 (1,225)
– Giorgio Armani – MANI, dark grey 1-button pinstripe from Italy – $4.99 (1,225)
– Ermenegildo Zegna – Soft, grey 3-button from Italy – $10.80 (1,495)
– Ermenegildo Zegna – Z, grey 2-button from Italy – $10.80 (1,495)
– Ermenegildo Zegna – Z, black double-breasted from Italy – $7.07 (1,495)
– Ermenegildo Zegna – 15Milmil15, grey 3-button from Switzerland – $22.64 (2,000)
– Ermenegildo Zegna – Trofeo, blue 3-button from Switzerland – $24.34 (3,095)

– Giorgio Armani – Collezioni, dark green – $4.79 (235)
– Giorgio Armani – A|X, white – $7.18 (68.50)
– Ermenegildo Zegna – Sport, brown – $4.79 (385)
– Ermenegildo Zegna – Z, button down dress shirts (5), various colors – $7.18 each (385)
– Ted Baker, brown – $4.79 (165)

– Giorgio Armani – A|X, leather – $19.96 (598)
– Giorgio Armani – A|X, black – $5.59 (425)
– Zanella – Saks Fifth Avenue, beige – $5.59 (325)

Brioni, blue – $1.59 (235)
– Givenchy, brown – $1.59 (195)

     It was a great weekend until I checked by bank account. Now, it’s peanut butter sandwiches for lunch until the next paycheck and time to send a good part of my closets to eBay and the nearest Goodwill. Life is good 🙂

Armani, Brioni and ZegnaP.S.     It was requested that I include a set of photographs of the latest gathering of Goodwill purchases. I gathered all of the items listed above and assembled them in one photograph for proof that these items may be found when time and persistence prevails. See the accompanying photograph. Click on it to view a larger perspective.

P.P.S.     I also added next to the purchase price ($190.48) the retail suggested price ($21,161.50) in light gray with the totals for comparison provided here. The makes the suggested price a whopping 111 times what I paid for the used clothing. Money well spent for this bundle of beautiful well made items that I can put to good use!