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Logo small     I was fortunate to find a great deal on a well known and respected name in the world of wrist watches; Breitling. The watch was supposedly made around the year 1947. The second hand is quite smooth but I am concerned as to how hard you have to twist the crown to wind the mechanical watch. I definitely needs servicing from a professional. Following are some photographs made by the place where I purchased it.

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breitling01 breitling02 breitling04
breitling05 breitling06 breitling07
breitling08 Breathing watch 1947 breitling03


The above referenced watch is vintage. 

All Breitling Vintage watches must be sent to our authorized vintage repair facility. 

Horological Services
46 West Philadelphia Ave
Boyertown, PA  19512

Phone: (610) 367-7337

Mr. Heist is a Breitling trained watchmaker with a specialized workshop and equipment for repair and restoration of the older mechanical watches.  He and his wife will be happy to assist you.  Please feel free to call and speak with them.

I gave my permission to send the watch on to Horological Services.  A few days later, I received the following email with some interesting news:


Breitling USA has forwarded your watch to us.  Findings on examination (without complete disassembly) include:
  • Stainless steel case is dirty, with usage nicks & scratches.  Generic strap
  • Case #11 440 on the back is not a Breitlingreference or serial number
  • Inside case back is signed S. Kocher, Swiss
  • Dial appears refinished, signed Breitling
  • Movement is unsigned
The watch is not authentic Breitling design.  We cannot make an estimate for service.

Attached please find the invoice for examination, administration and shipping.  Please let us know if you have a return option and we can send it directly back to the seller.

We are not set up for credit card payment, please make your check payable to Horological Services.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Best regards,

Theresa Heist
Horological Services
146 W. Philadelphia Ave.
Boyertown, PA 19512

Ms Heist, from Horological Services, was very nice and professional when I called to let her know I would be sending a check as requested for the company’s services and to send the watch back to my address, not the seller’s. I contacted the seller of the watch from China (yea, I know but they had great ratings) through eBay to let them know of the latest update and that the watch was a fake. A few days later, instead of sending a return shipping label, they emailed a hand scanned written strip of paper with something in Chinese written on it. I wrote them again (always through eBay) and received an address to return the item to. I called eBay October 5th to learn more as to my rights as a buyer with a product with misleading description in this case and was told they would intervene for me and if by October 11th I had not received a proper return shipping label they would  refund to me in full my cost and I could keep the watch. I was worried that I would return the watch and they would say that they had never received it.

I took another look at some of the watches on eBay from this seller, there are quite a few that look just like the one I have and I hope they are originals from Breitling and not a misrepresented fake that slipped through their hands by mistake. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt but still use proper caution.

I’m still looking for a nice, affordable Breitling watch but am looking with better education as to what is the real thing and what is too good to be true. Guess the kids will have to wait a little longer.


I was able to contact eBay through their complaint link on the page with the watch and they called shortly thereafter when I provided a number. They said that due to the evidence that the item was misrepresented that they would reimburse me the full amount if I did not receive a legitimate return shipping label within five days.

The fifth day came and that morning a message was in my eBay message board saying that the full amount including shipping cost was placed in my PayPal account. I logged into my PayPal account and immediately transferred the $162.50 to the bank and the next morning the money was in the bank. This usually takes at least five business days but eBay delivered beyond my expectations. I now have the money and the watch. It’s not a Breitling but it is a fairly nice watch, just needs servicing.