Logo GoodwillBuyer.com smallThe purpose of these blogs are to encourage you to look at your local thrift stores for some great items of apparel as well as other items of quality you may not have known existed. The items listed are from some of the best clothing houses in Europe.

This website was created in order to share a valuable resource providing information on how to get more for your money. I have no affiliation with Goodwill other than as a frequent customer. This site is simply to share my good fortune with others so that they may find similar or better results from their foraging through not only the Goodwill stores but other thrift stores of like arrangement.  Good luck with your searches!

I receive quite a few requests asking how I keep spam at bay and what theme I use and how to set it up for cell phones, tablets or computers where it conforms to the device for best viewing. I was using the free WordPress theme Shprink One that does a fantastic job but had to change to another, in this case, Twenty Fourteen due to Shprink failing. Hope you agree this one does a good job on computers as well as tablets and cell phones.

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  1. Very cool website sir!
    I bumped into you at a goodwill this weekend and commented on your shoe tree find

  2. Hi, I log on to your blog daily About | Goodwill Buyer . Your story-telling style is awesome, keep doing what you’re doing!

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