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Cost vs retail value to date

I wanted to share with you some of the items I have found that I can wear, what I paid and what they retail for. It is quite amazing. Your finds will vary depending upon the donations made in your area. I live in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and there are some great benefactors to whom I have benefited.  I never thought I would be wearing to work name brand clothing like Armani, Versace, Bill Blass, or Ermengildo Zegna much less trying to pronounce some of their names. Following is a table of some of the items I’ve purchased, what their retail value is and a brief description. Every other Saturday is half off day where all the tagged items are marked down half the price. My favorite is Thursday Dollar Day where a certain color tag is one dollar regardless of what it is. I have purchased many a fine Italian jacket for one dollar and had a few tailored to fit me just perfect. Mentioning it here gives me goose bumps just telling you about this offering. You will see a few items I paid a dollar for worth much more than I could pay otherwise. Many of these have links to web pages where you can validate the prices demanded of the new items. For a little less than $100, I have over $5,500 worth of clothing if purchased new directly from the vendor.

Amount Paid

Retail Value 

  Short Description



  Suit – Emporio Armani, 2 button charcoal made in Italy



  Overcoat – Ralph Lauren Black Label double-breasted cashmere & wool made in Macedonia



  Shirt – Christian Dior, white made in Hong Kong



  Shirt – Ermenegildo Zegna Classic Fit Dress Shirt



  Pants – Armani Collezioni, brown 94% wool, 6% cachemire made in Italy



  Coat – Ermengildo Zegna by Coppley made in Canada



  Shirt – Barneys New York, blue micro Gingham made in Italy



  Shirt – Ike Behar for Neiman Marcus, blue



  Sweater – Armani Collezioni, navy color made in Romania



  Pants – Compagnia della Lana, black 100% wool made in Italy



  Pants – Boss Hugo Boss, Jeffrey US flat front pinpoint wool



  Pants – Pazoni, black flat front wool trousers made in Italy



  Tie – Christian Dior, brown with diagonal lines, made in Paris



  Tie – Christian Dior, Monsieur, dark blue with many symbols made in USA



  Tie – Valentino, black with large ovals made in Italy
$ 99.86
  – Totals for comparison


It continually amazes me that someone would pay the amount asked for some of these items and how much difference there is on Thursdays when I can pick up some of the items for just a dollar, no tax. Depending on where you live, the Goodwill stores will have different offerings due to the donations in their respective areas. Here, in the Phoenix area, they distribute to all the Goodwill stores a somewhat equal portion of what is donated irregardless of the location whether it is Scottsdale to the north or Chandler to the south.  Why, last Wednesday I found two pair of pants with the name Armani on them. They were still there probably because they needed a little care with a needle and piece of thread. Something I’ve learned to work with due to the step-by-step lessons from Antonio Centeno’s website, The Art of Manliness.  Look for more on his wealth of information in later posts!


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