Girgio Armwni looks like the name but isn't. Even the Eagle looks the same.


Logo smallI put off creating this page until I ran across several “fake” items that I knew you would get a good laugh from. It never fails that when I find a good example of bad behavior I either forgot my cell phone or my camera. Not this time. Here is a good example with more to follow. This page may become quite congested so please be patient as I try new ways of formatting to best incorporate the easiest way to show these.

 Girgio Armwni looks like the name but isn't. Even the Eagle looks the same.  Armani vs Armwni  As one of the more popular names in clothing, it is also one of the more copied and there are a great number of names that look very much like the original. Even the eagle looks the same.
Looks like Burberry, doesn't it?  Burberry vs Bubrery This one fooled the auction site which is where I found it. It was pulled off their site shortly after this photograph was placed here. A very good fake and very close to looking like the real thing.
Comparison of Burberry and fake  Another Burberry  The colors look similar but Burberry is well known for their plaid colors. Others try to take advantage of this to their advantage.
 1005141537-00   Gucci vs Guxxi   Looks like the real thing and may even sound alike but it just isn’t the same.
 0220151904-01   Versace vs Versatche   Sounds the same but the quality just isn’t the same.
 0830141357-01  Made where?  You can use the same font but it isn’t the same.

There are several good websites where you can find great examples of what to look out for. StepByStep provides some of the best I’ve seen so far. Here is a link to some of these –