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First Gucci, then Armani

After work Friday, I decided that since it was payday I would chance a “splurge trip” to the Goodwill in Scottsdale to see what there might be available and at the same time check ahead since Saturday was half off day. I checked the shoe rack and found a number of nice shoes and of course they were all a size or two too small.

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GUCCI-logoI moved on to my favorite section, the suits and suit coats, and there were quite a few on the rack this day. I looked through the familiar items that had been there for the past few weeks and then I saw something out of the ordinary. There was a jacket that had a special gleam to it and look of quality right there next to a Levis grey. That was quite a contrast that made it look even better. Of course, you know I had to reach for it to feel the smoothness of the fabric and then I pulled open the coat to see who the company was that created this beauty.  There it was in five capital letters beginning with the letter “G” – GUCCI. I said to myself, “You’ve got to be kidding. I know it’s going to be too small”.  It fit just right except that my goose bumps kept me from taking it off. The price tag shocked me a bit seeing that it was $39.99 but I reminded myself that if at all it would be a long time before I would find another top of the line jacket this nice that fit me this perfect. After looking it over carefully through adrenaline shocked eyes there wasn’t a blemish to be found. The same feeling from Wednesday afternoon hit me when I found the Zegna jacket in that I wanted to leave right then and tell the cashier thank you for the opportunity to purchase this great jacket that I would not be able to afford otherwise.

Giorgio-Armani-labelAfter calming down I put the jacket carefully in a buggy making sure it didn’t snag on the metal wires and continued on down the row of coats a bit faster. I had found the find of the day, or so I thought. Down toward the end of the row was a dark, dark blue suit including pants with a fine dark grey pin stripe. It looked my size so I pulled back the coat to see who it was manufactured by and there was his name; Giorgio Armani ! I had found a second great discovery. Dark grey with a thin dark grey vertical stripe and it fit. Tried on the pants and they were actually an inch too long but that will be easier to remedy than if it were an inch too short. Boy what a day.

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