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Five Armani, one Zegna and a few more

It is interesting how a person’s taste changes in their search for certain items in local thrift stores. Looking around my living room I find boxes upon boxes of books on a wide spectrum of topics. Some are signed, the majority are not. Before that it was eBay for original maps dating from the 1500s and 1600s. Now, they are arranged by date in an album stored away from light, heat and moisture to be pulled out when company comes to visit. The next Goodwill impulse was to search for computer bags, everything from Dell with pockets for everything you could imagine to the brand new Hummer Courier bag with the paper stuffing still in the pockets. At least I have been able to sell a few of those for twice what I paid each. Then I had to have DVD movies for my newly acquired LG flat screen. They are now in boxes as well and filed away in a spreadsheet for quick access by box number.

The next item was to educate myself on how to dress better and try an experiment to see if people reacted differently. Yep, they sure do. Older people are more at ease to approach me, students think I’m something I’m not and children seem to look right through me. When I can find a top quality jacket or suit for less than a ten or twenty dollar bill, it will quickly find its way into my closet to be brought out for work and church respectively. I’ve learned a few new Italian names but am still looking to see the names of Versace and Prada in that closet. Ever notice how you always want more?

This latest binge of the past week has been a lot of fun but still not quite a practical as I would like to believe. Finding a Gucci tie for $1.99 was the real prize but that is quickly changing now that I have to pay closer to six dollars each for the Armani ties I found Wednesday. The employees that are pricing the items are getting smart and marking them up but even at those prices they are still a fantastic bargain. I found five Armani, two Valentino and a beautiful Ermenegildo Zegna at one store. All of these ties had been on the rack for almost two weeks just sitting there waiting to be found. You have to wonder how many others might have been there since then. Here are the Armani ties I found last Wednesday evening:

Armani ties found
Found these Armani ties in one store. They look good with any grey color suit coat, any coat for that matter!

Organizing the ties has been a pleasure. They are grouped by color that would be worn according to the color of the shirt and jacket of the day. The metal racks hold up to fourteen ties for open display. The color groups are grey, brown, blue (2), red and then there is a rack for the expensive ties. It’s much easier to find a tie that matches or enhances the outfit when I can put the color group right up to the shirt, pants and jacket. This saves time and for those who are a bit colorblind like myself, it’s easier to compare one against the other to find just that one that matches the outfit best.  Care to venture a guess as to where I found  the tie racks?