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Found another Gucci

I like to browse through various Goodwill stores in the area and will tread through an area I haven’t been in a while checking labels for quality items. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between something that is an imitation and another that is the real thing. This is especially true when it comes to men’s ties. There are some print stamped polyester that are very similar to top of the line pure silk appearing to have the texture and sheen of the real thing.

The last thing I need is another tie but the colors and seeing 1.99 on the tag was too much of a temptation to resist. It was certainly worth the effort though. Once again, my eyes went out of focus when I saw the capital letters GUCCI. Yes, it was a beautiful tie but was it the real thing?  I’m not a gambling man but for less than two dollars I could have a tie that went with my brown, blue and grey jackets and wouldn’t it look great with my GUCCI jacket.

Here is yesterday’s purchase including some other very expensive ties but more importantly some additional colors that would go great with my outfits. I’ll come up with a total of how much these would cost if purchased new at full retail. I bet it will be several times more than what Michael at Goodwill asked for.

Nice collection of ties for less than $17Seen above are a red Christian Dior Monsieur – 1.99, blue Christian Dior – 2.99, white Donald J. Trump Signature Collection – 2.99, multicolored GUCCI – 1.99, blue Oscar de la Renta – 2.99, brown Oscar de la Renta – 1.99 and a blue Yves Saint Laurent – 1.99 purchased for a total of $16.93.

To justify my purchases, I have to make an occasional trip to the local Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus or Barney’s of New York and verify against their price tags that it is worth eating peanut and butter sandwiches a little more often so I can “educate” myself with the finer items found at the local Goodwills.

I found similar neck ties as those above on the website listed for $190, incredible! The Oscar de la Renta ties sell new for around $160, Christian Dior for around $158, Yves Saint Laurent for $150, and Donald Trump Signature Collection for $65.