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Great clothes = Great attitude

Not all four-letter words are bad.
Not all four-letter words are bad.

Try it some time. It worked today.

For a little more than a total of $40, I dressed for work wearing a Valentino dress jacket ($21.01/1,242.00), a very expensive Versace black shirt (10.38/650.00), a matching Yves Saint Laurent tie (1.00/98.00), a pair of charcoal colored Armani MANI trousers made to fit (5.24/395.00) and a pair of black Steven Madden Kinndle loafers (5.24/79.99). Yesterday was a very busy and rough day so I needed to “own” this day. What is the extra set of numbers you may ask?  I find links to retail prices either the same as what I bought or very close to the item if new. This gives me some idea of what kind of value that certain item will have at today’s prices. My price in total was $42.87 tax free and the retail price I came up with this outfit is at the extreme end totaling $2,464.99. I paid 1/57th that amount. Wouldn’t that make you feel like you owned the day? It’s good to pretend some times for sanity’s sake don’t you agree?   🙂


Happy birthday to my sister!