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Gucci belt revisited

Monday was a good day to cruise around the racks and hangers at a couple of Goodwills in the area. I need a black dress belt and was looking in the women’s section where the selection is better and found this belt hanging toward the front. This usually means that it was a recent addition and hadn’t been looked over much. Sure enough, the tag showed that it had been hung the day before. It was a bit tattered on the end but something about it grabbed my attention. It was the opposing Gs that made up the buckle that was quite different. The belt had repeated Gs in a different configuration throughout the fabric portion from one end to the other. Then I noticed that the quality was above normal and worth further investigation. It was a few inches too short for me to wear so I put it back on the belt rack.

I walked out and forgot about it until the next afternoon when, after work, I decided to look up the unusual buckle design through the Google Images to see if it was what I suspected. It was! If it was an original, I just passed over a Gucci belt that I could get for 1/100th the price of a new one that is if you could find one. I found it in the same place I left it the day before and made sure it went out the store with me this time. Here it is.

GG logo belt