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Hermes belt for $1.99

The belt I found is very similar to this and not the typical "H" shaped buckle.
The belt I found is very similar to this and not the typical “H” shaped buckle.

Had it not been for my looking at prices of purses for my daughter last month I would not have known that the company brand Hermes is hard to find and for good reason . . . they are at the top of the expensive line as far as I have seen. I saw a purse online by Hermes for around $45,000. Crazy!  I was out at lunch today and since it was Dollar Day and I found two dollars in a hidden pocket in the car, you know where I was heading for the remainder of my lunch hour.

I didn’t find any pink colored tag suits that I liked (for a dollar each) so I moved on to the next section, the belts. There it was, glittering in gold. I picked it up and the goose bumps hit me hard. The name HERMES with the horse drawn carriage were on the buckle and obviously gold plated. Why had no one else grabbed it in the ten days it had been on the rack? I will make a note to visit this Goodwill at least once a week if not more often.

If you are familiar with the name Hermes, then you know that some of the more expensive items are associated with that name. This belt that I paid less than two dollars for commands a price of over $800 depending on the type of leather or crocodile skin bought with this buckle. Add that name to your list to look for on your next visits. It’s obvious that there are not many people in my neighborhood that are acquainted with Hermes. Lucky me!



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