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Logo smallHummel figurines have been widely popular until the last few years. These tiny porcelain children have a history reaching back to the very first creations in 1935, based on the Catholic nun Maria Innocentia Hummel’s sketches. These have won the hearts of those who collect them with great enthusiasm and enjoy them daily where they look out from their curio cabinets.

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Berta or M.I. Hummel ? now sells the current offering and has published the following details of how these are made. “Hummel figures have stood for the highest manufacturing art for decades: each figure is handled up to 1,200 times to create the perfect “Hummel”. Each Hummel figurine consists of up to 40 individual parts. The production of a “Hummel” is done with the highest precision and without exception by hand.” I have a renewed respect for these expensive figurines after learning what is involved in their creation.

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Here are some of the more popular and famous Hummel figurines:

Five Most Popular Hummel Figurines (
1. 7 & 11 – The Merry Wanderer
2. 21 – Heavenly Angel
3. 109 – Happy Traveler
4. 25 – Angelic Sleep
5. 347 – Adventure Bound

Five Most Popular Hummel Figurines (
1. 2000 – Worldwide Wanderers
2. 2230/A-P – Christmas Nativity
3. 71 – Stormy Weather
4. 347 – Adventure Bound
5. 574 – Rock-A-Buye

Seven Most Famous Hummel Figurines (
1. 7 – The Merry Wanderer
2. 21 – Heavenly Angel
3. 347 – Adventure Bound
4. 142 – Apple Tree Boy
5. 347 – Apple Tree Girl
6. 348 – Ring Around the Rosie
7. 71 – Stormy Weather

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