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     Hummel figurines have been widely popular for many decades. These tiny porcelain children have a history reaching back to the very first creations in 1935, based on the Catholic nun Maria Innocentia Hummel’s sketches. These have won the hearts of those who collect them with great enthusiasm and enjoy them daily where they look out from their curio cabinets.

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Shipping Hummels now sells the current offering and details the following of how these figurines are made. “Hummel figures have stood for the highest manufacturing art for decades: each figure is handled up to 1,200 times to create the perfect “Hummel”. Each Hummel figurine consists of up to 40 individual parts. The production of a “Hummel” is done with the highest precision and without exception by hand.” I have a renewed respect for these expensive statuettes after learning about the comprehensive process that is involved in their creation.

     Be sure to check out the professional grade e-magazines full of great articles and color photographs from; Hummel Post/INSIGHTS and Postillion.

     Did you know in the tradition of Sister M. Innocentia that with her children’s pictures, Sister Hummel’s drawings inspired as close as possible three dimensional figurines. Newer figurines are not necessarily based on her drawings beginning with the number 2000 onward. These belong to the new “Hummels”. The experienced sculptors of the Hummel Manufaktur always orient themselves on the appearance of the drawings when designing proportions and details. Each of the new models are examined, both in design and decoration, by the Hummel working group at the Siessen Convent.

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Popular and famous Hummel figurines:

Five Most Popular Hummel Figurines (
1. HUM 7 & 11 – The Merry Wanderer
2. HUM 21 – Heavenly Angel
3. HUM 109 – Happy Traveler
4. HUM 25 – Angelic Sleep
5. HUM 347 – Adventure Bound

Five Most Popular Hummel Figurines (
1. HUM 2000 – Worldwide Wanderers
2. HUM 2230/A-P – Christmas Nativity
3. HUM 71 – Stormy Weather
4. HUM 347 – Adventure Bound
5. HUM 574 – Rock-A-Buye

Seven Most Famous Hummel Figurines (
1. HUM 7 – The Merry Wanderer
2. HUM 21 – Heavenly Angel
3. HUM 347 – Adventure Bound
4. HUM 142 – Apple Tree Boy
5. HUM 347 – Apple Tree Girl
6. HUM 348 – Ring Around the Rosie
7. HUM 71 – Stormy Weather

15 Retired Hummels and Their Values (
1. HUM 195/I – Barnyard Hero – $175
2. HUM 7/III – Merry Wanderer – $500
3. HUM 557 – Strum Along – $85
4. HUM 300 – Bird Watcher – $135
5. HUM 47/II – Goose Girl – $200
6. HUM 795/0 – From My Garden – $100
7. HUM 336 – Close Harmony – $187
8. HUM 112/I – Just Resting – $160
9. HUM 345 – A Fair Measure – $175
10. HUM 136/V – Friends – $540
11. HUM2031 – Catch of The Day – $103
12. HUM 363 – Big Housecleaning – $167
13. HUM 150/I – Happy Days – $250
14. HUM 385 – Chicken-Licken – $179
15. HUM 2040 – One Coat or Two – $103

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     You may see some interesting but strange words associated with Hummel figurines. Here are a few I had to find the definition to that you may find quite interesting. Some of the words to look for are provided below since the price will most likely  increase a bit when found with the one or two you may find in the future.

     There is a very interesting article on the dissolution of the Hummel figurines from Goebel, translated from German, that shows why you may be seeing more of the company samples becoming available. Report on the Dissolution of the Hummelfiguren Archive of the Company.


Arbeitsmuster – The German translation is a work sample or specimen by which copies were made to look like. Many of these will have the name written in blue on the side of the base and/or have a metal tag embossed with Arbeistmuster on one side and W. Goebel Rodental on the other side secured with a wire to the figurine. See also Red Line below.

Archivmuster example

Archivmuster – The archive master samples are turning up now that the hands have changed from Goebel. Look under the base to see if the incised HUM number is also written inside with black ink. You may find a metal tag embossed with Archivmuster on one side and W. Goebel Rodental on the other side secured with a wire to the figurine.

Black numbering under the glaze.

Malmuster – A literal German translation of this word is a pattern, sample, model, or example.

Masterpiece – One of the features to look for is that the Hummel number on the base beneath has been written in black ink inside the inscribed number. Not all figurines that say they are Masterpieces actually are as such. Be careful when purchasing.

Red Line example on the base.

Red Line – A thin red line drawn around the base of a figurine that denotes this certain item was used as the “perfect” sample by which the artist used as a guide for the paint or face reflection.


Hummel Post. (2019). Did you know? In the tradition of Sister M. Innocentia, Summer/Fall 2019 p32.

     This page is updated as more informative links are located. Keep a close watch and have some fun while learning.