Hummel Magazines 1977-1979

     The following list of magazines representing the years 1977 through 1979 inclusive. This list is for a quick reference for those who have access to the physical magazines for that period of time.

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Year – # Season
Articles / Stories / Photographs


1977 – 1
The Remarkable Story of Sister M. I. Hummel
Master Painter from the Goebel Factory Enchants Visitors to “The Old Country”
Goebel Masterpiece to Adorn Vice-Presidential Residence
Muhammad Ali a Winner – of a ’71 Plate!

Hum 353 Spring Dance, p2
Hum 369 Follow the Leader, p2
Hum 331 Crossroads, p2
Hum 88 Heavenly Protection, p3
Hum 264 1971 Plate, p5
1977 – 2
Meet Brecht Armbrecht
The Goebel Company: from the beginning
Welcome to the family – Laszlo Ispanky

Hum 142 Apple Tree Boy p6
1977 – 3
Time to Apply for a Passport!
Chapter Two: The Goebel Company
Find That Missing Plate!
Exciting New Plates from Goebel
Win a “Hummel” Figurine of your Choice!


1978 – 1
Welcome Wilkommen Bienvenue!
A New Face On Our Porcelain Scene
Welcome to the family – Laszlo Ispanky
Local Chapters In Great Demand
Collectors’ Market Off and Running
Look-Alike Contest Held Special Interest For Club Members
First Club Contest Proves a Winner
Ispanky Honors Princess Grace
1978 – 2
Gerhard Skrobek
The Making Of The Big Boy Merry Wanderer
First Club Tour a Resounding Success
The Goebel Company Trademarks

Hum 7 Merry Wanderer p1
1978 – 3
Decorating with your Collection for: Christmas
A Peek Inside Our Doors
“I know it’s called ‘Stormy Weather’ (Hum71),…
Backstamp Markings

Hum 141 Apple Tree Girl p2
Hum 142 Apple Tree Boy p2
1979 – 4
Happy New Year
Third-year package offers wonderful treat
A day I won’t forget
Decorating with your collection for: Spring
1979 Annuals


1979 – 1
Here Come The Amerikids!
Meet The Amerikids…
Look-Alike Winners In Tough Competition
Contest Winners Reflect Collectors’ Involvement
Heigh Ho, Come To The Fair
Local Chapters In Great Demand
An Insight… Goebel vs. Schmid
Pictures Worth More Than Words

Hum 323 Merry Christmas p11
Hum 300 Bird Watcher p11
Hum 310 Searching Angel p11
1979 – 2
Are You Sure?
The Second Must in the Collectors’ Library.
Local Chapters Report

Hum 824 Merry Wanderer p1
Hum 842 Goose Girl p1
Hum 968 Lost Sheep p1
Hum 353 Spring Dance Plate p8
1979 – 3
Our wish for you
Decorating with your collection: any or no occasion
“How ‘Hummel’ figurines have influenced my life”
Local chapter listing
Heigh Ho, we went to the fair
High atop the mountain
Annuals for 1980

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