Hummel Magazines 1980-1989

     The following list of magazines represents the years 1980 through 1989 inclusive. This list is for a quick reference for those who have access to the physical magazines for the representative years.

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Year – # Season
Articles / Stories / Photographs


1980 – 4
Joy in our hearts
Loving Secret
We keep moving on
Now comes the hard part
Backstamp tells all!
Local Chapter report

Hum 399 Valentine Joy, p2


1980 – 1
Festival Time 1980
Contest Winners Give Us Insights into Their Collections
Look-Alike Contest Enchants Again
Local Chapter Report
Granget’s Wings of the Wetlands
What a Doll!
1980 – 2
We Have a New Look
The Show-Offs
For and of the Smaller Generations
The Majesty of Nature
Local Chapter Update

Hum 387 Valentine Gift, p2
Hum 399 Valentine Joy, p2
1980 – 3
Turnabout is Fair Play
Local Chapters Mark Their Calendars!
Local Chapter Report
The Excitement of The Acquisition of My Favorite ‘Hummel” Figurine, Plate or Bell!
A Close Look
Saltglazed Stoneware – Centuries of Elegance
Here’s to 1981!
1056-1981 – Coburg is 925 years young!
1981 – 4
past present future
Good News!
Local Chapter Report
New for 1981
The Legacy of Joy
A Landmark Day
The Personal Touch
To End Confusion
Remembrance of Christmas Past
Christmas in Honolulu
Pointers for Visitors to Rödental and Tarrytown

Hum 380 Daisies Don’t Tell, p2
Hum 88 Heavenly Protection, p8
Hum 300 Bird Watcher, p8
Hum 113 Heavenly Song, p9
Hum 54 Silent Night, p9


1981 – 1
Spring Summer
1981 – 2
Summer Fall
1981 – 3
Fall Winter
1982 – 4
A Rare First Edition
The Proceedings
Member Of The Year
Local Chapter Reports
Members’ Forum
In Winter It’s Cold
Members’ Page
Diann’s Diary
More From Gunther Granget
A Rose That’s Crystal Clear
The Development Of A Company
This & That

Hum 421 It’s Cold p6


1982 – 1
Spring Summer
1982 – 2
Summer Fall
1982 – 3
1983 – 4
Our Own Oktoberfest
The Proceedings
Member of the Year
For Members Only
Great Wonders Come In Small Packages
The Experts Speak
New on the Florida Scene
Collectibles come in all shapes and sizes for 1983
Members’ Forum

Hum 422 What Now?, p6


1983 – 1
A Visit To Our Factory . . . Almost!
Essay Contest Winners Paint Self Portraits
Arriving Soon!
New Products
Local Chapter Reports
Royalty Comes to Coburg
1985 – A Banner Year
More On Our Unique Miniature

Hum 188/0 Celestial Musician, p4
Hum 432 Knit One, Purl One, p4
Hum 309 With Loving Greetings, p4
1983 – 2
Look-Alike Lads & Lasses
Retirement Recap
No. 1 Is Still No. 1 … Now In Its Second Edition
Words of Love
Collector’s Market
Show-Offs IV & V
Miniature Giants
The Inheritance
Local Chapter Reports
Your Personality Shows
New Excitements To Come Your Way
1983 – 3
From Our House To Yours
Remembering Charlot
Special Club offering is In the Spotlight
Redemption Card Expiration Dates Announced
Thousands Visit Goebel Factory In South Bend
What makes “M.I. Hummel” figurines so special?
A Light Moment In The Life of Great Britain’s Prime Minister
Variety is the Spice of Life
Local Chapter Reports

Hum 277 1984 Plate, p8
Hum 706 Mountaineer bell, p8
1984 – 4
Continuing The October Tradition
Everybody Needs a Coffee Break Now & Then
New Products
Good Things Come In Small Packages
East meets West . . . And a new collector is born!
Insights into Goebel of North America

Hum 409 Coffee Break, p5


1984 – 1
On Tour with the Facsimile Factory
Essay contest entrants agree that “M.I. Hummel” figurines are special!
Gifts From The Heart
We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves
All Of You Under 18 – stand up and be counted!
On the 75th anniversary of her birth, the love lives on . . .
1984 – 2
A Happy Succession – Downward!
DeGrazia Figurines Arrive
The Golden Anniversary Album
Sound the trumpets – The Amerikids are here
December 31 approaches
New Products
Show Off VI

Hum 2 & 4 Little Fiddler, p1
Hum 409 Coffee Break, p12
1984 – 3
A Glorious Jubilee
New “M.I. Hummel” excitement for ’85 – and beyond
Expressions of Anniversary Joy – from you
The Younger Generation Speaks
Leaving the Scene
Collectibles to make you smile
A Change To Be Noted
What’s In A Name

Hum 416 Jubilee, p1
Hum 71/2 Stormy Weather, p2
Hum 257/2 For Mother, p2
Hum 15/2 Hear Ye Hear Ye, p2
Hum 6/2 Sensitive Hunter, p2
Hum 57/2 Chick Girl, p2
Hum 405 Sing With Me, p2
Hum 330 Baking Day, p2
Hum 383 Going Home, p2
Hum 373 Just Fishing, p2
Hum 85, p3
Hum 172/II Festival Harmony, mandolin p5
Hum 173/II Festival Harmony, flute, p5
Hum 72 Spring Cheer, p5
Hum 45/0 Madonna with halo, p5
Hum 46 Madonna without Halo, p5
Hum 50/I Volunteers, p 5
Hum 322 Little Pharmacist, p8
1985 – 4
Free Your Imagination
Happy New Year!
Local Chapters Return To Tarrytown
Appraising by an Appraiser
New Introductions
Looking Inside our Museum

Hum 408/0 Smiling Through, p2
Hum 204 Weary Wanderer, p9


1985 – 1
The Expansion of Your Hobby
Everyone’s Celebrating An Anniversary in ’85!
From a Little Lump of Clay
New on the Scene
Decorating with Dimension
Show Off VII

Hum 408/0 Smiling Through, p9
1985 – 2
The Golden Anniversary Look-Alike Contest
Think Ahead
Collecting Memories in Germany
New on the Scene
Collecting Today
Georgia’s First Lady
It’s All in the Family

Hum 364 Supreme Protection, p12
1985 – 3
Wishing You Health and Happiness This Holiday Season
WIN! A $500 M.I. Hummel Figurine
A Golden Jubilee Finale
My thoughts on collectors and collecting
Hum 442
Annual News
Superb new dolls from Goebel are reminiscent of a one-time necessity
Looking ahead to Year 10!

Hum 416 Jubilee, p3
Hum 442 Chapel Time, p6
Hum 279 1986 Annual Plate, p6
Hum 708 Sing Along Bell, p6
Hum 135 Soloist, p7
Hum 422 What Now?, p8
1986 – 4
Prizes Abound in National Contest
New Products on the Scene
Year Ten Arrives
Local Chapter Members Gather for Fifth Year Celebration

Hum 440 Birthday Candle, p1
Hum 396 Ride Into Christmas, p4
Hum 351 The Botanist, p4
Hum 440 Birthday Candle, p9


1986 – 1
Thirty Years of Charlot Byj Figurines
New Products on the Scene
Heavenly Angel Sampler
Midi Tours The Only Limit Is Your Imagination
Show-Off Time
Collecting With Carol Moysey
I Collect M.I. Hummel Figurines Because . . .

Hum 21 Heavenly Angel, p6
Hum 440 Birthday Candle, p8
1986 – 2
Celebrate the Tradition
Wake Up, Sleepy Heads!
The Original “Cardinal Tuck” Series
New Products Coming at You
Collecting Memories Part II
Collecting with Joe Weaver
South Bend Highlights
Honoring Ten
A One-of-A-Kind Birthday Present

Hum 218 Birthday Serenade, p7
Hum 169 Bird Duet, p7
1986 – 3
Putting out the Flames
First figurines retired from Goebel miniatures
Once Upon a Time . . .
Coming Your Way in 1987
Happy Birthday Celebrations
Collecting with the Gladstiens
A Call for Entries

Hum 439 A Gentle Glow, p6
Hum 459 In The Meadow, p6
Hum 433 Sing Along, p6
Hum 467 The Kindergartner, p6
Hum 406 Pleasant Journey, p7
Hum 129 Band Leader, p7
1987 – 4
A Rare Issue
Creations by Nasha
Introducing 1987
Spring Gift Ideas
Local Chapters 1986: A Retrospective
Year 11 Serenades You With A Gallery Update
Decorating with June Fineske

Hum 447 Morning Concert, p1, 10


1987 – 1
A New Film Premieres
Charlot Byj Functional Pieces
Summer’s Elegance
Traveler’s Treasures
Essay Contest Results
The Voice Of Our Members
Collecting with Mary and Carol Likam

Hum 331 Crossroads, p1
Hum 125 Vacation Time, p7
Hum 86 Happiness, p7
Hum 109/0 Happy Traveler, p7
1987 – 2
Third Edition Now Available
Note The Difference!
Winged Wonders
Wintertime Fun
Show Off With Morning Concert
Precedents in Pasadena
Collecting Memories Part III
Hummel on Hummel
Happy Birthday Everyone

Hum 309 Loving Greetings, p6
Hum 59 Skier, p7
Hum 396 Ride Into Christmas, p7
Hum 128 The Baker, p7
Hum 447 Morning Concert, p7
1987 – 3
There’s Music In The Air
Muenchner Kindl
A Call for Entries
A Winning Streak
Passage To Indiana
Collecting With Chrissie Bariatti
Inside Goebel Miniatures

Hum 441 Call To Worship, p1
Hum 452 Flying High, p3
Hum 454 Song of Praise, p3
Hum 453 The Accompanist, p3
Hum 438 Sounds of the Mandolin, p3
Hum 477 A Budding Maestro, p4
Hum 457 Sound the Trumpet, p4
Hum 476 Winter Song, p4
Hum 745 Little Sweeper plate, p4
Hum 171/4/0 Little Sweeper, p4
Hum 214/B/0 St. Joseph, p4
Hum 214/AM/0 Madonna, p4
Hum 214/AK/0 Infant Jesus, p4
Hum 710 Busy Student, p5
Hum 284 Little Goat Herder, p5
Hum 441 Call to Worship, p5
1988 – 4
Presenting Masquerade
M.I. Hummel: The Sample Stages
Living With Your M.I. Hummel Figurines
A New Look
Maidens of the World
Los Ninos
Welcome to Next Year!
Inside Goebel Miniatures
Collecting with Kay Shaw

Hum 431 The Surprise, p1
Hum 157, p4
Hum 7/III Bookworm, p5
Hum 214 Nativity, p5
Hum 4 Little Fiddler, p5
Hum 345 A Fair Measure, p6
Hum 330 Baking Day, p6
Hum 9 Begging His Share, p6
Hum 257 For Mother, p7
Hum 258 Which Hand? P7
Hum 355 Autumn Harvest, p7
Hum 431 The Surprise, p11


1988 – 1
Southwest Destinations
Inside the Goebel Archives
Inside Goebel Miniatures
What You Should Know about Appraising
Wedding gift ideas
Essay Contest Results
Local Chapter Reports
International Update

Hum 220 We Congratulate, p1, 9
1988 – 2
Pasadena Pulse
Kathe Kruse
Ideas for Gifts and Display
School Days, School Days
From the Cover of The Saturday Evening Post
What You Should Know About Ceramic Restoration (Part I)
The Goebel Apprentice Program
Local Chapter Report

Hum 452 Flying High, p1 & 6
Hum 81/2/0 School Girl, p7
Hum 33 Joyful Ashtray, p15
1988 – 3
A Giant Step Forward

Hum 471 Harmony In Four Parts, p1 & 4
Hum 481 Love From Above, p5
Hum 775 Ride Into Christmas bell, p5
Hum 366/0 Flying Angel, p5
Hum 301 The Christmas Angel, p5
Hum 437 Tuba Player, p7
Hum 430 In D Major, p7
Hum 338 Birthday Cake, p7
Hum 478 I’m Here, p7
Hum 482 One For You, One For Me, p7
Hum 403 An Apple A Day, p7
1989 – 4


1989 – 1
From the Executive Director
Insights Insider
The Art of M.I. Hummel – From Easel to Étagère
Get Organized Beautifully!
Victoriana Reigns
It’s Easy To Make Any Occasion More Special.
How To Give An $85 Gift for Just $30
Local Chapter Report
Member’s Letters
Member’s Scrapbook
1989 – 2
Summer Fall
From The Executive Director
Insights Insider
Winning Words Results of the 1989 Writing Contest
Six New Figurines
New Residents Along KinderWay
The Sculptor’s Hand: Part II of The Art of M.I. Hummel – from Easel to Étagère
Packed With Love
They Lost Their Socks at Lauterbach
Local Chapter Report
Member’s Letters
Member’s Scrapbook

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