Hummel Master Painters

     The process to create each Hummel figurine, plate, bell or other item is quite lengthy, more than you might expect. As an example, after the figurine has been poured into the mold, removed, dried, cleaned and is placed in an electric kiln to be fired, a master painter will then add the first personalized touches to the face such as the eye lashes and eye pupils. The following special edition of March Winds HUM 43/0 below shows three of the basic steps on how a figurine is decorated.

Hummel Arbeitsmuster March Wind

     Here is an Arbeitsmuster Red Line example where the MASTER PAINTER initials Ki 10.72 which means Franz Kirchner in October 1972 along with the trademark 5. Notice that the HUM 63 number has the special addition of being filled in with black paint/ink.

     Illustrated below are a handful of the Master Painter’s names with an example of their initials and a date when the sample figurine face was painted. Some of the latest versions have the name as well as the metal tag. Forgive me for the names I have written incorrectly and if you know the name, please let me know for a correction. Click the photographs below for a larger, more detailed picture.

MasterPainter Initials Date sample Example
Klaus Böhm Mar 1979
Fe___t Fefand (sp) Ha Nov 2001
Gaby Forkel Gf Sep 1997
Katriu Glöckues (sp) Bn Nov 2001
Christina Goihl (sp) cht Jun 1999
Jauja Kiejci (sp) ho Oct 1999
Franz Kirchner Ki Oct 1972
Ki May 1989
Gabriel Louis Knauer LK
Frank Knoch
Brigitta Leipold Le May 1991
Robert Linder RL May 1955
B Jul 1974
Günther Neubauer
Wolfgang Maw ? 1989
Claudia Schogerl Br Oct 1989
Elke Witthindam (sp) Wm Apr 2000
CN Mar 1957
HB Jul 1987
Rg Sep 1978
TK Mar 1963

     More examples will be added as they are located to provide excellent detail as to what you might find and what to look for that makes your Hummel even more special.

     You may wish to also check some other web sites such as for some great examples.