Hummel Variants & Mistakes

     The topic for this page was an obvious choice to have you consider looking for interesting examples and mistake that make these figurines “rare” and therefore desirable.

     Mistakes – As one example, the following HUM 5 Strolling Along in an early trademark 2 Full Bee is one I had not seen before but warrants closer inspection when you are looking over your collection or another that may be for sale. I don’t know if the value is increased due to it having left the factory in this condition but it is worth having in your collection to show on those special occasions. See if you can find this mistake as it not quite so obvious. You may need to click on one of the photographs to take a closer look on this one.

     The Internationals – The famous authors and Hummel collectors Robert and Ruth Miller made famous a good number of variants within the vast number of figurines produced. There is even an article in the 1996 Winter Hummel Insights magazine, “How Does He Like His M.I. Hummels? . . . Rare!” to describe this. The Millers quickly brought worldwide attention to an “International” set of figurines they located and helped to determine a hefty price as to their value. Here are a few of those you may find if you are lucky and have a sharp eye for this type of figurine. The second Goose Girl, Hum 947, sold at auction for $3,910 and the Hum 968 Lost Sheep sold for $3,335.

Variations – I found an interesting example of the figurine HUM-99 Eventide in an earlier trademark where one of the sheep didn’t have their tail flush with the edge of the base as indicated in all of the catalogs and price I have access to. Here is a comparison of a difference between the two where you can also see that the little boy in the left side actually has his left foot resting squarely on the head of one of the sheep. Both of these figurines are TMK-2 Full Bees and in my collection as a topic of fun discussion when guests visit. Click on the photograph for a closer inspection.

This page will be updated as interesting items are discovered.
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