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Logo smallWhat might be humor will not be to another. I find humor in many places and one of these is in the “knockoffs” of certain clothing companies. Check out the “Fakes” page for some quick smiles.

Keep your eyes open for the Bentley!     It is quite amazing what you can find at your local Goodwill store and sometimes it is right in front of you. In this case, it confronted me before I was able to walk through the front door.  Here is a bit of humor that you probably wouldn’t expect to find parked in the front of your favorite thrift store.

My aunt is quite a well known published author of many topics but I believe she outdid herself with the following poem. If you consider yourself a Goodwill shopper, see if it doesn’t put a grin on your face as well.


I opened my closet and what should I see…
a gaggle of strangers are staring at me.
Armani and Gucci with silk shirts and ties
are hanging right there before my startled eyes!

Ralph Lauren and Prada and Calvin Klein suits,
plus Christian Dior and some Jimmy Choo boots.
I don’t recall shopping on Fifth Avenue or Barney’s
in New York, so I have no clue.

Has my memory left me? Do you think I’m ill?
Not really my friend…
I’ve discovered Goodwill !


Ms Jane-Ann Heitmueller has authored a great number of stories, poems and other publications and has that certain flair with words many of us read and are quickly taken away with. Do you want more?  Check out her new book web page on for links to her other work plus future stories and poetry.  Feel free to link to this page if you wish to share it with others but please remember proper copyright ethics.


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