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Interview this afternoon

The experiment has begun . . . I have been offered a second interview today with the VP of IT and president of the college and I want to “put my best foot forward”.  Antonio Centeno has a great article worth looking over if you have an interview coming up and I utilized many of the suggestions.  I’ve been following Antonio’s format to improve my appearance for the past couple of months and can see a definite positive result of those with whom I work. They have begun to pay more attention to the way they project themselves and this provides for a more professional appearance to our group. This is very important in my opinion since we work with students, faculty, staff and parents. Many of our students are international and we are some of the first Americans they come in contact with. What a great opportunity to make a good lasting impression.

I made sure to get a good haircut a few days ago, put a spit polish shine on my best black shoes, found a good color coordinated match of my newly found Ermenegildo Zegna jacket, Armani slacks and Christian Dior shirt and looked through my collection of ties to pull it all together. All of these were found at our local Goodwill stores for a total price of less than twenty dollars. The psychology is that I will feel good about myself and be able to take charge of this important period of time when little things are eclipsed by my professional appearance.

Since this is an important meeting, I have a backup outfit just in case. This morning, I wore my Armani jacket, a striped Chaps shirt, a nice pair of dark brown Perry Ellis slacks, a dark charcoal solid colored tie and a light colored brown pocket square to set it off.  The meeting is at 2:00p so I will determine which outfit at lunchtime to wear after listening to the appropriate response to what I’m wearing this morning.

Thank you Antonio, for the great information on your websites and Youtube videos that I have learned so much from. Much of this is what I remember from my early childhood growing up in a large church where etiquette and good manners were the rule and not the exception.  Our clothes speak volumes about what we think about ourselves and many times will command instant respect and authority.  Given that the candidates are equally qualified, let’s hope the college president feels I would properly represent our school in the way he would like and believes a good first impression is important. Wish me luck!