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July 2018 Summary

Logo smallThis month is full of birthdays I’ve been saving some extra special items for and it is nice to be able to offer a nice present without spending more than I can afford. I spent three hundred and fifty dollars this month which brought in a retail of about twenty thousand. I wasn’t able to meet the three-digit goal this month with it showing up as only 58 times the purchase value and will focus on that target again for August with greater intent. The best dollar spent is in the dress jackets and the least in the accessories. Men’s suits and dress jackets drop in value quickly due in part to the area of the country where I live since people here do not dress as formally as they do in the Northeast for example.

Treasures – Being able to find some very nice German porcelain figurines in great shape has been a special event for me. The Hummel figurines are easy to spot among the other chalky items on the shelves but most of the time you will find them inside the case since the people at Goodwill “know their stuff”. Most of the multicolored children motifs you can find are in the Goodwill for a reason and usually not because someone grew tire of them.

10.5″ Apple Tree Boy HUM 142/V

The majority of the ones I find have been broken and re-glued. Their secondary market value drops immediately by half at best and usually much lower than that if any damage or repair is noted. One exception to this was the 10.5″ tall Apple Tree Boy HUM 142/V I was able to pick up for $25 that has a resale value of between $850 and $1,600. It was in pristine shape and is the largest M.I. Hummel I’ve been able to purchase since my collecting began in 1977. A definite qualifier for this Treasures category!

I was lucky to find some great examples of the older M.I. Hummel versions, those dating back to before 1945. Now that the grand kids have inherited grandma’s favorite reminders of her own childhood many of these are showing up in thrift stores and on eBay for some great prices. The market these days isn’t what it used to be but that doesn’t diminish the quality and expertise that shows with each example of the early German craftsmanship. It’s a good time to pick up some affordable examples of these limited number of porcelain children.

The name of Zilli is a special brand that you very seldom see in the Goodwill stores. This French high-end brand prides itself on the highest quality and is sought out by those who can afford it, namely “celebrities and the ultra-stylish”. I found a brand new, with tags, shirt just my size for $10.39. The shirt lists new for $791.

Dress Jackets – There were four really nice dress jackets that I could not pass over and had to put in my buggy this month. Two of these beautiful grey jackets were from Canali with one of them being wool and silk. A cream colored Loden Dager jacket showed off the quality of this company and will match several pair of khaki pants I have hanging in the closet. I picked it up for one dollar. The fourth was a bespoke Loro Piana made in Hong Kong with the surgeon sleeves and had all the extras.

Shirts – There were only ten shirts on the list this month but were very nice examples. The first was a Brunelli, a name I was not familiar with but the quality stood out. A very yellow Charles Tyrwhitt just my size jumped into the buggy. Four Ermenegildo Zegna shirts were located with one that made it to dollar day. A like-new Eton Ganghester 1928, a blue Lazo and a Truzzi Milano were also picked up. The last shirt was a new with tags dress shirt from Zilli. This was the cream of the crop for the season so far. I have only seen this high-end brand once before as a beautiful tie. The shirt is definitely at the top of the list.

Sweaters – A very nice grey sweater from Givenchy Activewear will make a nice present for some family member. I picked up the $870 item for only $5.59. Another seldom seen name is that of Lululemon. My daughter has a birthday coming up soon and this ought to fit the opportunity just right since it is one of her favorite names.

Ties – One of my favorite areas is that of the necktie section. It is rare that I ever walk away without finding a high-end brand listed on the back side. Only five were found this month: Bernini, Canali, Ermenegildo Zegna, Ledbury and Stefano Ricci.

Hanger – A very nice Setwell suit hanger was found for $1.19. This brand always has top notch maple hangers. I was surprised to find the retail price was almost thirty dollars for this one hanger.

Accessories – A very nice brown belt was found with the initials of YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) on the shiny brass buckle. The $445 belt was picked up for only $3.99. That’s less than a penny on the dollar.

TMKs shown

Another name I have long been watching is that from the German company Goebel. This company has since sold their M.I. Hummel line in 2013 to Hummel Manfaktur GmbH who then sold to Bernd Foertsch in 2017 but kept the name. Most of the twelve Hummel figurines I purchased this month are of the older pre-1950 series. One exception was the 10.5” Apple Tree Boy made around 1968. To learn more about what the markings are on the bottom of each figurine, visit the Hummel TMKs page on this website.

July 2018

$348.58 $405.88 $20,262.99 58.1x
Item Company Detail Paid Tagged Retail Color Origin
Dress Jackets
3,745 Canali Bloomingdale’s 10.39 12.99 1,495.00 Grey Italy
Canali Silk 8.99 17.99 2,250.00 Grey Italy
Loden Dager 1.00 9.99 495.00 Cream USA
Loro Piana Bespoke 7.99 9.99 2,395.00 Grey Hong Kong
3,340 Brunelli 7.99 9.99 20.00 White Italy
Charles Tyrwhitt Non Iron 5.59 6.99 110.00 Yellow England
Ermenegildo Zegna ~Soft~ 7.98 9.99 450.00 Blue Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna Z 6.39 7.99 395.00 Brown Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna 10.39 12.99 450.00 Blue Turkey
Ermenegildo Zegna 1.00 6.99 450.00 Grey Italy
Eton Ganghester 1928 6.99 6.99 305.00 Blue Sweden
Lazo 11.99 14.99 145.00 Blue Italy
Truzzi Milano 7.98 9.99 224.00 Brown Italy
Zilli 10.39 12.99 791.00 Pink Italy
1,000 Givenchy Activewear 5.59 6.99 870.00 Grey Pakistan
Lululemon Blissful Zen 4.49 4.49 130.00 Grey Canada
799 Bernini Beverly Hills 2.39 2.99 199.00 Maroon Italy
Canali 1.59 1.99 200.00 Gold Italy
Ermenegildo Zegna couture collection 1.59 1.99 275.00 Gold Italy
Ledbury Draper 1.59 1.99 125.00 Navy Italy
Stefano Ricci 1.99 1.99 275.00 Red Italy
29 Setwell Suit hanger 1.19 1.49 28.99 Wood/metal USA
7,740 Goebel Hummel 011 2/0 Merry Wanderer 3.50 3.50 105.00 White Germany
Goebel Hummel 047 /0 Goose Girl 24.17 24.17 175.00 White Germany
Goebel Hummel 071 Stormy Weather 47.00 47.00 785.00 White Germany
Goebel Hummel 074 Little Gardener 8.50 8.50 300.00 White Germany
Goebel Hummel 074 Little Gardener 9.99 9.99 300.00 White Germany
Goebel Hummel 079 Globe Trotter 9.95 9.95 375.00 White Germany
Goebel Hummel 096 Little Shopper 9.00 12.00 125.00 White Germany
Goebel Hummel 119 Postman 14.50 14.50 450.00 White Germany
Goebel Hummel 128 Baker 14.50 14.50 450.00 White Germany
Goebel Hummel 142/V Apple Tree Boy 25.00 25.00 1,600.00 White Germany
Goebel Hummel 353/0 Spring Dance 48.00 48.00 3,000.00 White Germany
Goebel Hummel 493 Two Hands One Treat 5.00 9.00 75.00 White Germany
Yves Saint Laurent Brown belt 3.99 4.99 445.00 Brown Taiwan

Knowing your brands, as to which command a greater return on your investment, is good business sense. Become familiar with the brands that sell well or have long lasting international respect and when you find them in good condition, they will bring you a good net satisfaction. Good luck with your Goodwill hunting.

Key words – Canali, Ermenegildo Zegna, Eton, Givenchy, Goebel Hummel, Hummel Manfaktur GmbH, Lazo, Ledbury, Loden Dager, Loro Piana, Lululemon, Setwell, Stefano Ricci, Truzzi, Yves Saint Laurent, Zilli