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MANI – Giorgio Armani jacket for $7.48

MANI-by Giorgio Armani Made in Italy
MANI is a label from Armani you need to be aware of.

I decided to hit a few Goodwill stores after church today.  With my closets completely filled I am being much more selective these days but the sudden whim to see if anything new had been put on the racks certainly paid off.  I found a beautiful grey pin stripped jacket among more than thirty just sitting there with my name on it, or rather Mr Armani’s name on it. I tried it on and it’s a size too small in the chest but the sleeve length is just right. It is quite amazing how much better the cloth and the appearance this simple grey coat looks over the others that were hanging on the rack with it.  I am familiar with the labels Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange (A|X) but wasn’t aware of their MANI brand until recently. With the further information provided on the label; “By Girogio Armani Made in Italy” this was with glazed eyes due to an adrenaline pump a definite grab before someone else saw it. I have put a much desired jacket back on the rack to pick it up when I was ready to check out only to find it gone. I now put it in a cart and make up my mind as to whether or not to keep it right before I check out.

MANI, Giorgio Armani made in Italy grey coat for $7.48
This looks very much like the one my son will inherit.

Our local Goodwill stores give military, teachers and students a twenty-five percent discount on Sundays so I paid $7.48 for a $9.99 jacket that brings up a price new for several hundred dollars more.  Guess what my seventeen year old son will be getting for his next special day?  Lucky him!







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