Manufacturer’s Labels

Manufacturer’s Labels.
Logo smallHere is a quick list of what I have come up at this point with links to support the priority and popularity, top to bottom when offered (modified, updated and corrected periodically). The rows do not indicate equal quality or any other comparison, only that one name may be considered as preferred to another in the same column.


Hugo Boss
Ralph Lauren
Giorgio Armani Prive Escorial Prorsum Black Kiton Purple Label Gianni Versace Couture Vellus Aureum
GA Borgonuovo 21 Su Misura London Selection Sartorio Polo RL Versace Classic  Mil Mil
Giorgio Armani Nomentano Brit BOSS Napoli Black Label Jeans Couture Trofeo
Armani Collezioni Millenio BOSS Red Ralph RL Versus Napoli – Couture
MANI Traiano BOSS Orange Lauren RL
(Green Label)
Collection Su Misura
Emporio Armani Palatino  BOSS Green Chaps Istante Traveller
EA7 Napoli HUGO Polo University Z Zegna
Armani Jeans Roma Rugby RL  Zegna Soft
Armani Exchange
 Sport  Zegna Sport
Say it Say it Say it Say it Say it Say it Say it Say it


There is a lot of confusion, mine especially, as to which secondary line or diffusion line of a certain house of design is preferred over another. For example, the Purple label of Ralph Lauren is generally preferred to the Green label by most people but it is typically agreed upon that the Black label of a clothing line is a good one to find and this can be seen with not only Ralph Lauren but with other brands such as Haggar.  As an unofficial guide for myself as to which is preferred over another and for comparison, I decided to create a chart on this page of my favorite brands and which within a brand to choose and get excited over when found. Some “labels” are equal in quality and the only difference is the audience that certain label is marketed toward whether it is for a younger crowd or a more mature traditional target, so keep that in mind when shopping. Also, many of these names are no longer produced but are still readily available at some Goodwill stores and found on some of the online auction sites such as eBay.

Having problems pronouncing some of these names?  Try clicking on the links at the bottom of the table for the name heading each column and checking out this video from showing how the top models say the names – A Handy Guide to Pronouncing Designers’ Names, From Alaïa to Zegna. How far off were you?  I was way off on a few of the Italian names.

Please feel free to correct me where I am wrong on any of these above.

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