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More neckties (Zegna)!

It is getting to the point that I cannot pass a Goodwill without being drawn to it. I do my very best to keep the car out of the parking lot but it fights me in every way. Last evening was no exception and I had to pull into one of the largest stores in the East Valley where I live.  Checked over the suit coats and didn’t see anything that sparked my interest (I’m becoming much more discriminating due to dwindling closet space), looked through the wooden hangers to replace all of my plastic and didn’t see anything. At this point I was ready to walk out of the store but there was one place that hadn’t been inspected in a couple of weeks so a quick detour was readily required.

The multicolored wall of ties between the hats and shoes drew me like a humming bird to red flowers. It didn’t take any time before the usual eyes out-of-focus resulted in seeing the small label on the back of a brown tie that had the magic words “Ermenegildo Zegna” on it.  The name gives me goose bumps whenever I see it but especially when there is the possibility of taking it out of the store in a bag out to the car.  I threw the tie over my shoulder to make sure I didn’t lay it down somewhere amidst all the other brown items that would quickly hide it and continued to look for other nice ties such as the two Ralph Lauren Black Labels that jumped out at me.

     Then it happened . . . there was another beautiful Zegna tie and just as suddenly another and after a few minutes a fourth. My first impulse was to make sure my debit card was in the wallet since I don’t carry cash anymore. Yep, it was hiding behind the AAA card and now I had six ties hanging over my right shoulder. Maybe I had better run back through the wall of ties again just in case I missed one or two or three. An older gentleman approached me obviously being attracted by my excitement and asked what I had found. I was all smiles and showed him the treasures that were just previously hanging off the wall and were now in my possession.

Today at lunch, I decided to see what the Zegna website had as a suggested retail price on their selection of ties. I never dreamed the this little multicolored sliver of silk could command such a high price. What is it that makes it worth the same as ten or twenty polyester ties you can buy at Wal-Mart? A better question would be, “why would I buy a tie from Wal-Mart for $12 when I can buy the very best Italian silk for $2 or $3?”  That really is a better question. Check for yourself but not before I get a chance to go back to the store and make sure they haven’t put out any more ties that begin with a word I can’t pronounce and is the last word, “Z”, in neckties.


Ermenegildo Zegna

 Four Zegna neckties new at $205 each.


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  1. It’s Wednesday afternoon and time to scout out my favorite Goodwills for tomorrow’s Dollar Day blue tag specials. This helps in spending the valuable time tomorrow knowing which stores would have the best selections for what I am interested in.

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