Patek Philippe Pocket Watches

Calatrava logo     Patek Philippe has been creating pocket watches from 1839 to the current date. I wanted to find an introductory watch from this brand that I could afford and was extremely lucky to now own a fantastic example of this ultimate workmanship in watches.

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         The watch that I now have the responsibility of caring for to pass on to the the next generation was created in 1891, looks quite new and works like a charm. I love the tick, tick, tick sound it makes. Patek Philippe recommends having your watch serviced at one of their centers every five years and three years for those with many complications (functions). I plan to also add another feature to my pocket watch by sending off for an Extract from the Archives and have it framed for my office. With an Owner Registration, you will receive free, a magazine subscription from Patek Philippe with a great variety of stories and professional grade photographs.

         A very special thank you to Bryan Eyring of Cleveland, Ohio for making it possible for me to own a working, and beautiful, Patek Philippe pocket watch. His customer service is superb and he knows his watches as is evidenced by his store. This eBay store can be located at As of this date, he has 442 followers, more than 4,000 transactions with a score of 100.0%. That says a lot about his dedication. Check out his store and see if you don’t find a great opportunity you can’t pass up. He certainly has a good variety to choose from!