Patek Philippe

Calatrava logo     Patek Philippe is unmistakably at the pinnacle of wristwatches and has been for a good number of decades. The history of this company in Geneve, Switzerland dates from 1839 and they have been going strong ever since.

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  •      I never believed the day would come when a box with the name of Patek Philippe would show up on my doorstep but I was able to purchase a very small movement of the caliber 16-250, the size of a penny and only 2½ mm thick. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, is said to have this very movement in one of her treasured watches, a Patek Philippe Ref. 4975/1G wristwatch. The fact that something so small could actually be a mechanical, reliable and of the highest quality still stirs me into believing anything is possible within the realm of human capability. Click the image to zoom in for details. That little dark smudge is actually a loose screw.

    1891 Patek Philippe pocket watch representative     A beautiful pocket watch is on its way and this time it is the entire watch, dating to the year 1891 based on a chart I was able to put together and it is said to be in good running order. More on this one soon but here is the chart I used with a list of the serial numbers ranging from 1840 to 1990. The scattered order of the years may be a bit confusing but is nonetheless quite useful in case you want to find the date of production of a certain Patek Philippe watch.

         Make sure you have a good library of books and magazines to learn more about this best of the very best in high-end watches. Here is my collection with a few more additions since the photograph was made. Click the photograph to view more.

         A very special thanks to Jared at Hamra Jewelers for providing me with his unlimited wealth of resources and his undivided attention to my many, simple questions on this fantastic product! Much of the content about Patek Philippe on this web page is a reflection of what he and Mr. Hamra have provided. Thank you!