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Pick of the day, make that the year!

At Goodwill they have a phrase that is repeated across the PA system periodically that goes something like this; “You may not find what you are looking for but we know you will find something.” Well, I did find something. Something I’ve been looking for a long time.

zegna-748-1075I was running through looking for orange tags for today’s Dollar Day and saw a really nice light grey suit coat saying “look at me”. It was marked as $9.99, the full price, and as I pulled back the coat to view the label inside it showed it was made by Ermenegildo Zegna designed for Neiman Marcus. I through in one arm and then the other and it fit perfectly!  Oh yea. Checked the total length to see if it fit within my hand and did the “button-up fist to chest” to see if fit and it did every where it should. As I took it off I noticed that it had the Neiman Marcus sales price tag attached under the collar. Wow!  This is one to create a post about for today with time permitting. The sticker price was one thousand seventy-nine dollars. So much for yellow tags. This one walked through the checkout line and out the door with a swipe of my plastic before someone snatched it from me.

Here is a photo where I pulled open the coat to show the label and pulled back the lapel to show the sales tag from Neiman Marcus. I paid the full price of $9.99 for a Swiss made Ermenegildo Zegna at Neiman Marcus coat that was marked to sell for $1,075.00. You may not have noticed that there are two small holes above the price tag at the edge of the felt that the collar covers but it is still damaged none the less. Thank you Goodwill and than you Neiman Marcus. I wouldn’t have been able to have afforded such a nice suit coat otherwise. I plan to wear it Friday for my second job interview with the college president.