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Prada Proof

Logo smallJust recently, I received a comment from a gentleman that expressed doubt as to whether I actually found a pair of men’s Prada lace up dress shoes for $6.38 as reported in the October 2016 Summary article. The lack of a photograph was due in part because I did not have the shoes when I took photos of the majority of the clothing I had purchased for October and forgot to include them in the last series of photos at the end of the month. Good catch!

Not everyone is aware of some of the high-end names, no, not even Prada or as in this case, even the public left the shoes to sit on the shoe rack in the store for four days. It never ceases to amaze me which brands people focus on when for the same money or less, they could have much better quality, better appearance, and longevity if only they learned a few names. As another example of this, this past Saturday was half-off day and late in the evening I located a $3,000 Ermenegildo Zegna 15milmil15 jacket that set me back for a total of $4.99. How did everyone, in mass, pass over this beautiful, rare find? They were not aware of the prestige the name carries in Europe or even on the East coast.

Back to the subject, the two photographs were taken of the $650 Prada shoes as proof of their purchase price, $6.38 (80% of 7.99). Part of finding treasures like this is in sharing your excitement with others so that they may take the time to find their own stories.  They may not have otherwise ventured out to look for their own treasures had you not made them aware of your good fortune. An even better example of this is the $35,000 Jeager-LeCoultre watch a gentleman found for $5.99 at a Phoenix Goodwill store. Watch out for these great names you may have just recently overlooked.

 Prada proof 1  Prada proof 2

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  1. I recently found a pair of mens Brown Suede ankle boots at the goodwill outlet. Paid $3 at most. Priced by the pound. I looked them up on eBay up to $450..

    1. You never know what you might find and it is usually when you aren’t paying that much attention. I’ve been surprised to see that some high-end names will sit on the shelf for a number of days without anyone either knowing the name or just didn’t fit the look they were looking for. Good luck with your next venture and thank you for letting us know of your good fortune.

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