Price Comparisons

Logo smallWhen looking through the countless brands of men’s clothing in your local Goodwill store or other thrift stores, it is good to have a reference as to how much the items cost new in the stores where they were initially purchased. The following web pages list some of the high-end brands found in the retail outlet stores as well as some of the more popular web based boutiques that carry those sought after names.

Pants       Pants

Shirt    Shirt

Shoes   Shoes

Suit    Suits

Sweater   Sweaters

Ties      Ties

Each page lists the top most expensive names giving the highest price to the lower price found at these stores. The next list is more comprehensive giving many more and in alphabetical order to make it easier to find a possible name you might be looking for when cruising through the crowded racks of cotton and wool. I hope these pages help as they were designed for myself to ease the pain of having to search a name using the web search engines.