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Logo smallThere are shirts and then there are the shirts you can be proud to wear. Most people wouldn’t notice the difference but you will and I believe that is where it counts. Every time I go to certain Goodwill stores, I am amazed as to the difference in quality of some shirts. It took me a while to create a discerning eye for the better quality and I am still fooled by some when I find others that look good but are made in countries I question in regards to quality. Why would one shirt be priced in the Goodwill at $6.99 and another have a price of $14.99?  For a good comparison at one Goodwill store, I found that the $4.00 new price of a  George Men’s Oxford shirt from Wal-Mart was a little less than the price I paid ($7.48 on half-off day) for a top quality Yves Saint Laurent $570.00 top end shirt. The top button was coming loose and was corrected in less than two minutes with needle and thread. It pays to know your brands. One of my co-workers made mention that I had a nice looking shirt and you know what, it made my day!

Here are some great articles I use to help me “discern” between the quality names and the not-so-quality names:

More to come…