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Surprise! Free money.

Thought that would grab your attention.

It actually happened and I don’t know which Goodwill it came from.

I was preparing to take a trip across the country to visit with my parents for Thanksgiving and needed a larger bag to carry my clothing and computer in but it had to be small enough to use as carry-on baggage. Due to having purchased at least a dozen computer bags in perfect condition from the Goodwills over the past year, I picked out one from my collection that “fit the bill”. Taking into consideration that the TSA would be looking through my luggage and might find something I didn’t know existed in the bag, I dug around the compartments an sure enough I found a piece of paper. The paper was actually a money envelope from a bank and I tossed it aside as garbage. As I threw it, I noticed that it felt a bit stiff for the small size it was. This required further investigation to see if there was anything of value within. Sure enough, as you would guess it my first thoughts were that it might be a 5 or even a$100 found 20 dollar bill inside and needed to be withdrawn. That was not the case, though. Turns out it was a crisp, never been used one hundred dollar bill. There was no name or anything to allow me to be honest and return it to the owner and I had no clue as to which Goodwill I bought the bag from. The money was now mine. As it turned out, this was just the amount I needed to make my monthly rent and was quickly put to good use.

I now rank among the many fortunate enough to find a nice surprise that surpassed the amount paid for the item purchased at a local Goodwill store. Moral of this story . . you may not know it but “you’ve got it in the bag.” Goodwill is full of surprises in more ways than one.