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Versace and Armani at last!

The old saying that you cannot judge a book by its’ cover rings quite true when comparing cheap ties with the most expensive. I have so many ties now that when looking through the rows of colored silk at the Goodwill store I simply slide my hand behind the last ties on a rack and pull the group toward me so I can read their manufacturer label instead of looking at the tie itself.

Some of the ties I find are made of polyester, made in China, and look great but are not of the quality that will look that good this time next year. The stitches are of cheap material as well and the ties quickly fall apart after rough use when removing them from around your neck. So I look for the name brands made of 100% silk from Italy and know that they will be passed on to my grandchildren with pride instead of finding the garbage can or worse, make their way back to the nearest Goodwill bin.

Speaking of falling apart, I found a few of my better ties where the stitching knot at the end of the tie came loose and the tie began to become unraveled. Nothing else was wrong with the ties that a needle and five minutes didn’t fix.

One of these “needing to be fixed” ties this past weekend was a beautiful silver and gold Versace. I was fooled at first since the label said “GIANNI VERSACE” instead of the “Versace” I was used to seeing at the local Saks Fifth Avenue. I’ve been drooling over these ties for months but couldn’t justify spending the sale price of $80 for the solid color ties that “looked” a lot like the Bill Blass black labels I’ve been finding lately at Goodwill. I finally located a Versace I could afford and it was only $1.99. This was one of those finds that happens only once every blue moon, or in this case silver and gold. A little needle work and it was good as new.  The very next day I found a solid light blue Giorgio Armani with the identical problem of a loose thread that had unraveled from the bottom and was easily fixed with the same needle and another five minutes of time.

In summary, I don’t mind spending a two dollar bill on a tie worth one hundred times that amount when all it takes is a few minutes of my time to hold one of the most desired ties of today.  It isn’t the fact that anyone knows the difference between this and one you can buy at Wal-Mart but I know what I’m wearing and I love the expression when I let people know what I bought for $1.99 and then show them the name on the back. They always ask the same question, “Which Goodwill did you find that at?” They know me as the Goodwill Buyer.


(Photos to follow soon)