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Wednesday is Scout Day

Thursday is Dollar Day which means that in this area every item that has the color tag for that week is coming to an end Thursday and will be sold for one dollar no matter what it is.  We have at least nine Goodwill stores within a thirty minute drive from each other. This makes pickens especially good since one might be great for books but not so good for clothing. Another might be good to find gold jewelry in but does not have any shoes to pick from.

I spend Thursday lunch hitting the nearest Goodwill to work and if I know what I’m looking for I can get in and out and back to work with a few items before my lunch hour comes to an end.  Thursday afternoon and evening are a more leisurely shopping trip since I have until they close before I have to call it quits.

With nine stores to run through on Thursday to see what is available for $1.00, this means cruising most of the local stores the day before after work to scout out what is available with the “orange tag” . This week is orange by the way.  Last week was yellow tags and for only $9.98 I picked up four dress coats (one was a really great Italian black pin stripe), three name brand shirts, two black worsted wool dress pants and one fancy ninety-eight cent wood combination  coat/pants hanger.  Where else can you get all of this for the cost of the single hanger?

Thursdays are such a great deal that I spend all  my Wednesdays as “Scout Day” finding the colored tags for the week and write down what I find I cannot live without for the afternoon run Thursday afternoon.  Gotta run, it’s time to count my dollar bills.


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